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Widener Professor Leads Trip to Russia

Professor and nurse psychotherapist Marye O’Reilly-Knapp, RN, PhD, PMHCNS, BC, of Widener University, Chester, Pa., returned to Russia in March on her sixth visit with six of her psychiatriac/mental health CNS graduate nursing students.

Widener sponsored the trip as an enrichment experience for the grad students and as a tribute to O’Reilly-Knapp.

The nurse educator has conducted professional trips to lecture about integrative psychotherapy and nursing practice in Europe. During the trip, she shared her love of the Russian countryside, cities and people with her students, who graduated in May.

Widener nurses and their hosts gathered around a table at the original family home and museum of late I.P. Pavlov in Ryazan, Russia. From left are Carole Calcerano, Dr. Demetri Shustova, Marye O’Reilly-Knapp, Margaret “Peggy” Thomas, Paulette Robinson, Lisa Blyth, America Saez-Keith, Drs. Pasha and D. Sreekanth, a student interpreter, and Marian Byrnes.

Demetri Shustova, MD, the head of the psychiatry department at the I.P. Pavlov Medical University in Ryazan, sponsored the American guests. Shustova, a psycotherapist specializing in alcohol and drug rehabilitation and a psychiatrist, and his family have become personal friends with O’Reilly-Knapp.

Widener students Lisa Blyth, Marian Byrnes, Carole Calcerano, Paulette Robinson, America Saez-Keith and Peggy Thomas, attended daily workshops and lectures at the university with Russian colleagues.

At Ryazan University, O’Reilly-Knapp gave a lecture to dozens of Russian nursing students and instructors, highlighting the art and science of nursing and the nurse-patient relationship according to the principles of American pyschiatrist and theorist Hildegard Peplau.

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