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Daily News: HHS Rescinds 3 Medicaid Regulations

Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius June 29 announced that the administration will rescind all or part of three Medicaid regulations that were previously issued and delay the enforcement of a fourth regulation. Each of these rules, in whole or in part, had been subject to Congressional moratoria set to expire on July 1, 2009.

“These regulations, if left in place would have potentially adverse consequences for Medicaid beneficiaries, some of our nation’s most vulnerable people,” Sebelius stated in a news release. “By rescinding these rules, we can expect that children will continue receiving services through their schools, beneficiaries will be able to access all available case management resources to help them better manage their healthcare, and outpatient hospital and clinic services can continue to be covered in the most efficient manner.”

Specifically, HHS is —

• Rescinding a final rule, published Dec. 28, 2007, that would have eliminated reimbursement for school-based administrative costs and costs of transportation to and from schools

• Rescinding a rule, published Nov. 7, 2008, that would have limited the outpatient hospital and clinic service benefit for Medicaid beneficiaries to the scope of services recognized as an outpatient hospital service under Medicare

• Rescinding provisions of an interim final rule published Dec. 4, 2007, which would have restricted beneficiary access to case management services

• Delaying until June 30, 2010, the enforcement of portions of a regulation that clarified limitations on healthcare-related tax programs so that CMS could determine whether states need additional clarification or guidance

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