Winthrop Symposium Highlights Wound Healing

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HUNTINGTON, N.Y. — The historic Oheka Castle was the site of a recent wound care symposium hosted by Winthrop-University Hospital.

The program, which included Winthrop staff who are well-versed in vascular surgery, infectious disease, and hyperbaric medicine, was designed to highlight treatment modalities being used in advanced wound healing.

Stephanie Roach, RN, left, and Marcia Garel, doctor of podiatric medicine, attend the symposium. Garel, a DPM in private practice, says she has many patients who she refers to wound care.

Based on a multidiscplinary approach to wound care, the symposium offered attendees new insight in wound treatment of patients with vascular disease, venous disease, and ulcerations.

In addition, some other topics discussed included the role of MRSA in lower extremity infection, the surgical management of the foot and ankle, and complex abdominal wounds/hernia repair.

Winthrop’s Home Healthy Agency presented a display table in the vendor room.

During the afternoon session, Grace Blaney, RN, MSN, CWOCN, nurse educator, gave an overview of products used for wound care in hospital and home-care settings and an introduction to products infrequently used.

Blaney works in tandem with the nurses of Winthrop’s Home Health Agency to ensure patients receive seamless care from hospital to outpatient to home.

Winthrop’s Chief of Infectious Disease Burke Cunha, MD, lectured on MRSA’s role in lower extremity infection.

Stephanie Roach, RN, a visiting nurse with Long Beach (N.Y.) Medical Center, said she learned something new about hernia repair and venous disease that she can share with other home-care nurses at Long Beach.

“My director sent me here to gain more knowledge to bring back to my colleagues,” she said.


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