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U. of Illinois Medical Center Spotlights Shared Leadership

The professional nursing staff of University of Illinois Medical Center in Chicago has taken the lead in educating hundreds of peers, medical colleagues, and administrators on shared leadership through creative and engaging educational programming.

The Division of Women’s and Children’s Services hosted an open house highlighting Nursing Shared Leadership.

During the open house, staff used interactive games, raffles, and more to illustrate the implementation and opportunities of shared leadership.

From left, Diana Tirol, RN; Maripat Zeschke, RN; and Becky Kole, RN, of the Division of Women and Children’s Services helped host an open house on Nursing Shared Leadership.

The Division of Neuro Critical Care and Step-down also hosted an event called Shared Paradise. Team Neuro took attendees to the “paradise islands” of the UIMCC Shared Leadership Model.

Each “island” was a place to relax and learn about the house-wide professional councils that comprise the model.

PowerPoint presentations, posters, videos, and live demonstrations were blended with hula dancing, food, and beach volleyball games to create an unforgettable learning experience.

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