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Loyola’s ‘Trauma Momma’ Rides to Rescue

When Teresa McClelland, RN, became the clinical coordinator at Loyola Center for Heart and Vascular Medicine in Park Ridge, Ill., a little more than a year ago, having weekends off gave her the opportunity to more regularly enjoy her other passion — riding motorcycles.

But after being involved in an accident while on a ride with friends, McClelland, formerly a trauma nurse specialist and emergency medical services educator for 10 years, saw the need for motorcyclists and others to have a basic knowledge of trauma care.

“When I went down, my (fellow) riders secured my bike, but I think they were unsure of what to do with me,” McClelland said. After a little research, McClelland came upon the nonprofit group Accident Scene Management, Inc., and she became an instructor.

Motorcycle enthusiast Teresa McClelland, RN, is the clinical coordinator at Loyola Center for Heart and Vascular Medicine in Park Ridge, Ill.

McClelland, known to fellow bikers as “Trauma Momma,” in October began teaching “A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist,” which offers tips for RNs and bikers on what to do in the first minutes after a motorcycle crash until professional help arrives. The course uses the acronymn PACT as a teaching tool — Prevent further injuries; Assess the situation; Contact the EMS; and Treat the injured with life-sustaining care.

McClelland said the education is useful to anyone, especially those who ride or are passengers on motorcycles.

McClelland also is the director of training for the volunteer, non-profit motorcycling group Rescue Riders, whose members provide emergency assistance.

The course is available nationwide, and McClelland will find an instructor for groups outside Chicago. But don’t be surprised if she hops on her bike to do the teaching herself. “[In March] I went to Montana and taught a class,” she said.

Tom Clegg is a member of the editorial group at Nursing Spectrum.

For information on Accident Scene Management, Inc. and Rescue Riders, visit and

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