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Hackensack Awards Outstanding Magnet Nurses

Dianne A.M. Aroh, RN, MS, NEA-BC, chief nursing officer and executive vice president at Hackensack (N.J.) University Medical Center, welcomed a spirited group of nurses, staff, administrators, and family members who were eager to recognize Magnet nurses.

Nursing excellence awards were presented in a variety of categories, which included:

Pediatric Outpatient: Eva Krynski, RN, Reuten Clinic, who “has become an authority on the subject of helping patients and their families face death and dying. She is a superb clinician who is loved by her patients.”

Dianne Aroh, RN, left, congratulates Diane Ohme, RN, for receiving the Nurse Leader Award.

Pediatric Inpatient: Elizabeth Castro, RN, PICU, who “gives the love, attention, and superb clinical skills to each of her patients and is the rock of the pediatric ICU.”

Adult Inpatient: Mary Jane Matter, RN, CCU, who “is a team player not only to her own unit but also to all of HUMC. She has helped with the care of patients who don’t even go to her unit.”

Friend of Nursing: Teresita Torres, diagnostic technician, whose “patients love her so much families travel long distances so their child’s blood tests can be drawn by her.”

After receiving the Adult Inpatient Nursing Excellence Award, Jane Matter, RN, center, celebrates with Dianne Aroh, RN, left, colleagues, and family.

Nurse Leader: Diane Ohme, RN, NM, (pediatrics, pediatric EMU, pediatric oncology), who “is a doer and who leads by example, inspiring her staff members to be their best.”

Nurse Educator: Kristina Rioux, RN, department of clinical education, who is a clinical expert in the field of trauma nursing and does it all, “coordinating the orientation of many new RNs, including travelers, hired to staff the new ETC.”

Special Team Spirit Outpatient: Outpatient Emergency Trauma Department members, who “care about their patients and one another” and exemplify a true team because “there are four words that you constantly hear: ‘What do you need?’”

After receiving the Nurse Educator Award, Kristina Rioux, RN, center, celebrates with Dianne Aroh, RN, second from left, administrators, and family.

Team Spirit Inpatient: Pediatric Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, which “is a cohesive team on a dynamic unit, which provides exceptional care to patients and their families.” It is the only Level 4 Epilepsy Center in New Jersey accredited by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers.

As part of the program, the Ellen Casapulla Memorial Scholarship was presented by Geraldine Ianacek, RN, and Joan Murko, RN, to Andrea Delmarmo, RN, ETD, and Claritza Sanabria, RN, 5PW, in memory of Ellen Casapullo, the first PNP at HUMC.

Everyone was treated to a grand finale — the premier viewing of the Hackensack Nurses Week video, which portrayed the Hackensack nurses caring and building a healthy America — right at Hackensack.

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