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N.J. Symposium Applauds Evidence-Based Practice

The 26th annual Research Symposium at Kean University in Union, N.J., taught more than 200 participants about service leadership abroad, transcultural nursing practice, and research theory, practice, and outcomes.

Minnie Campbell, RN, PhD, chairwoman of the department of nursing at Kean, recognized the outstanding work of graduate and undergraduate students, and Patricia Scisione, RN, president of the Sigma Theta Tau Lambda Iota-Honor chapter, spoke of their work as a “testament to the fact that RNs must get their evidence-based research out into clinical settings.”

Keynote speaker and winner of the fourth annual Transcultural Nursing Award, Eileen Carrigg Specchio, RN, PhD, director of the BSN program at Saint Elizabeth’s in Morristown, N.J., discussed “Service Leadership: Nursing in the Dominican Republic.”

From left, Estelle Pisani, RN, graduate nursing coordinator at Kean University; Patricia Scisione, RN, president Sigma Theta Tau Lambda Iota-Honor chapter; Minnie Campbell, RN, Kean chairwoman of the department of nursing; Eileen Specchio, RN, keynote speaker; and Ellen Shuzman, RN, director of education and program development of the Central New Jersey Maternal and Child Health Consortium.

Specchio organizes and carries out five-day service mission trips to the Dominican Republic, where a team “serves others and stays focused on achieving results in the nurse-run, patient-centered experience,” she says. During missions, the group runs two daily clinics that provide direct care, administering medication and healthcare supplies, and educating the poor and underserved.

After the keynote, Kean graduate students presented the purpose, theoretical framework, interventions, outcomes, and clinical significance of their research on clinical issues such as interventions for informal caregivers of individuals with HIV/AIDs; how to teach cognitive rehearsal to new nurses to enable them to respond to horizontal violence effectively; and simulation in nursing education.

From left, graduate students Yuri Fayngersh, RN; Carol Anne Giordano, RN; Marcia Metro-Henry, RN; and Mary Ellen Wiggins, RN, and Estelle Pisani, RN, graduate nursing coordinator present joint research on “Communication, Culture, and Palliative Care.”

Other studies focused on teaching interventions to parents or guardians of obese or at-risk children, helping patients cope with breathlessness, and identifying survivors of intimate partner violence. Undergraduate students displayed their clinical research studies in poster presentations and discussed their findings throughout the day.

During the program, awards for excellence in research and practice were bestowed upon students from the BSN and MSN programs. The BSN awards went to Alyssa Tanseco, Franco Jose, Donna Koby, Andrea Taylor, Kimberly Anderson, Virginia Roberts, Pamela Christy, Deborah Heimburg, Tibletz Medhanie, and Susan Krauer. The MSN awards were given to Ingrid Renwanz, Bertha Uka, Joy Omokaro, Nolleca Forbes, Maryellen Wiggins, Bonegal Spearman, Marie Delva, Eileen Gayberon, Juanita Ormilon, Elizabeth Graebner, Sciscione, and Diane Hendricks.

For information about Kean University, the research symposium, or mission trips, e-mail Estelle Pisani at [email protected]

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