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$32M Partnership Aims to Boost Healthcare Workforce

Aimed toward creating new jobs in California, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on April 13 announced the Allied Health Initiative.

The $32 million public-private partnership is aimed at reducing California’s critical healthcare worker shortage by adding thousands of professionals to California’s hospitals and healthcare facilities over the next three years, according to a news release.

Gov. Schwarzenegger speaks with students during his tour of the Health Sciences Building at Fresno City College.

This partnership is being led by the Labor and Workforce Development Agency and includes several state agencies, the California Community Colleges, along with the University of California and California State University systems, and the California Hospital Association and its member teaching hospitals. The Initiative will begin in the fall with 25 community colleges enrolling more than 700 additional allied health students in their classes.

“We are taking some great action to put Californians in jobs and pump up the economy, and at the same time, improve the quality of healthcare for Californians,” Schwarzenegger said in a news release.

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