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For religious reasons, I am forbidden to work Saturdays. How can I find a nursing position that meets my needs?


Dear Donna,

For religious reasons, I am forbidden to work Saturdays. For 25 years, this was never a problem. When I worked in the hospital (NICU) setting, I had a set Sun-Tues-Thurs, 12-hour, night schedule. I worked per diem in hospitals and home care, making my own schedule. I worked in school nursing (M-F) for almost 10 years.

I am now looking for a job and having a difficult time finding a place that fits my needs. The hospital jobs and home care positions (all part-time or per diem) require Saturday-Sunday availability, and very few clinics hire RNs. I was offered a per diem position in a post-partum clinic, but the offer was revoked when they learned I was not available on Saturdays. The clinic is open one Saturday a month.

With my restriction, a clinic seems to be the best place for me to work; but in this area, most hire medical assistants to perform nursing care, pay them $20/hr, and even refer to them as “nurses.” I do not want to return to school nursing.

I have additional experience as a health education instructor, certified lactation educator, and NRP/CPR/first aid instruction. Per your advice, I have contacted my state nursing association for an RN career coach referral, but they did not respond to my query. I have been unable to find an RN coach on my own.

Do you have any advice for me?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Jill,

There are plenty of nursing positions with M-F hours. It seems you will need to look for one of these. These positions exist in the insurance industry, pharmaceutical industry, and some outpatient settings (besides school nursing and clinics.)

I would strongly urge you to attend one of my Career Alternatives for Nurses® seminars or use the home study version ( or to fully explore your options. You should also get out to Nursing Spectrum/NurseWeek Career Fairs (, nursing conventions, and professional association meetings such as your state nurses association — even as a guest.

And to find an RN career coach, you can also contact your local edition of Nursing Spectrum or NurseWeek for a referral and do an Internet search for “RN career coach.” Since most coaching is done by phone, you don’t need to find a coach who is geographically close to you.

Persistence and determination will always win out in the end!

Good Luck!


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