You are here:-I’m having a hard time finding an LPN position. Any ideas?

I’m having a hard time finding an LPN position. Any ideas?


Dear Donna,

I am having a hard time getting a job as an LPN. I plan to go back to school in May for my RN. But what do I do for now?


Dear Donna Replies:

Dear Delphine,

I don’t know where you’re looking or how you’re going about applying, but start by reading “Ten Steps to a Successful Job Search” at

Not every hospital uses LPNs, but most long-term care and rehab facilities do. Additionally, you may find opportunities at outpatient clinics, medical offices, and other ambulatory care centers. Since networking can be a great way to find and get a job, see if there is a local chapter of the National Federation of Licensed Professional Nurses ( in your area and network with other LPNs to find out where the jobs are in your area. You might also attend local meetings of the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing ( as a guest.

I also recommend that you go to Nursing Spectrum/NurseWeek Career Fairs ( These are great places to get up close and personal with prospective employers of all types. You just never know what will turn up. Before you go, read “How to Get the Most Out of Attending a Career Fair” (

Use a different approach (more networking), and look in new directions for employment. Persistence and determination will always win out in the end!

Best wishes,

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