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SimMan Adds to Collaboration at New England Sinai

New England Sinai Hospital in Staughton, Mass., and Massasoit Community College in Brockton, Mass., have been awarded a $48,000 “SimMan,” or patient simulator mannequin, from the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education.

Of 31 applications submitted, seven SimMan patient simulators were awarded with three hospitals selected — Sinai, Caritas Norwood Hospital, and Lowell General Hospital.

“With SimMan technology, Sinai will be able to take our 20-year collaboration with Massasoit Community College to a new level in advancing nursing education, which will in turn boost recruitment efforts to respond to shortages in the field,” says Sinai President and CEO Lester P. Schindel.

Jean Ivil (center), RN, and Rebecca Villandry (right), RN, BSN, work with the SimMan at New England Sinai Hospital.

The proposal was prepared by Deborah Donahue, RN, BSN, MS, coordinator of professional development at Sinai; Karen Hughes, Sinai’s vice president for nursing; and Hollyce States, director of grants at Massasoit.

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