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Bookcase: Sharing and Caring

Reflections on Doctors edited by Terry Ratner, RN, MFA

We may train differently and look at care delivery from distinct perspectives, but deep down, nurses and physicians share many commonalities. From the seasoned nursing veteran who watched a cardiac surgeon cry at the death of his patient to another nurse who discovered her medical director’s view of failure as not being able to cure his patient, more than a dozen nurses share their memorable encounters with physicians.

Some of the stories inspire, such as one about an RN managing a floor with 38 patients who changes a physician’s behavior from summoning her by yelling “Nurse!” to respecting the excellent care she gives patients. Another story shows how nurses can influence patients’ care by calling attention to medical staffing problems.

Other vignettes, such as one about a nurse who chose not to become a physician, make the reader think about the role of nursing. While some stories warm the heart, others make readers think, which is always a good thing.

Kaplan Publishing
$14.95, paperback

Prescribing in Pregnancy edited by Peter Rubin and Margaret Ramsay

Once a reader adapts to the British English and drug names from the United Kingdom, Prescribing in Pregnancy serves as a thorough reference for providers caring for patients during pregnancy. The book begins with an overview about fetal development and medications associated with congenital abnormalities.

The editors organize the book by disease or condition and present evidence associated with treatments of that illness during pregnancy. Each chapter lists references, so readers can investigate further if desired. Topics range from treating routine complaints, such as hay fever, for which it recommends avoidance of the allergen or use of older sedating agents, to managing more serious ailments, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

One strength of this book comes from the authors’ treatment recommendations that begin before conception and wrap up in the labor and delivery suite. This publication gives a rather thorough review of pros and cons in managing a multitude of conditions during pregnancy and includes nonpharmacological options as well as over-the-counter and prescription medications.

The book also discusses drugs of misuse, and takes a measured approach, recommending nonjudgmental, nonalarmist care and breastfeeding to minimize neonatal withdrawal from heroin and benzodiazepines. Other chapters cover travel and risks of immunizations and the use of drugs while breastfeeding.

Blackwell BMJ Books
$59.95, paperback

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