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How do I find financing for nursing school?


Dear Donna,

I am willing to sell my soul and sign a contract with a hospital if they will pay for my schooling to become a nurse. Have you ever heard of this type of arrangement?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Chelsea,

You do not need to sell your soul to gain financing for your nursing education. It’s actually much easier than that. Read the article “Master the Scholarship Game”

Some hospitals do offer to pay for nursing school education in exchange for several years of service after graduation. The challenge with that is that you may want a particular specialty, or after hired don’t like the unit you’re on, or may even decide you want to relocate, but you are obligated to that facility and may not have much, if any, say in your assignment. And if you find yourself in an unhappy situation and choose to leave, you’ll have to pay back what they invested in you. This arrangement does work for some nurses, but it has some obvious pitfalls.

Consider all of your options and then do what works best for you.

Best wishes,

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