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Daily News: Study: U.S. Hispanics Lack Regular Healthcare

A new report says one in four U.S. Hispanics lacks a usual healthcare provider and a similar percentage obtained no healthcare information from medical professionals in the past year.

In a bilingual survey of 4,013 adults, 41% told the Pew Hispanic Center and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that the reason is they seldom get sick.

“National and community health experts need to factor in differences … such as language spoken, assimilation, and country of origin, and develop innovative solutions that meet the diverse needs of the Latino community,” says Debra Joy Perez, an RWJF senior program officer.

The study also found Hispanics who are male, young, less educated, and without health insurance are least likely to have a usual healthcare provider. Foreign-born and less assimilated Latinos — those who mainly speak Spanish, lack U.S. citizenship, or have been in the U.S. for a short time — are less likely than other Latinos to have a usual place to go for medical treatment or advice. Half of Hispanics with no usual place to go for medical care are high school graduates, 45% have health insurance, and 30% were born in the U.S.

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