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‘Dancing with the Stars’

They are the first all-female duo to win the prestigious award.

History was made yesterday when two women overcame Herculean odds to cha cha away with the grand prize on TVs Dancing With the Stars.

Janice and Wendy — the fist same-sex couple ever to participate in the show — wowed the program’s judges and viewers worldwide with their lively renditions of the foxtrot, the waltz, the running man and the MC Hammer, complete with baggy, shiny pants.

After they were named winners of the event, Wendy, seemingly as shocked as the other contestants, exclaimed, “There’s prize money?” A statement that is reflective of how big a surprise their victory was.

Both Janice and Wendy had to overcome serious injuries to compete on the show. Janice had to regain her footing after sufering a fractured left ankle and a lumbar fusion. Wendy suffered a head injury after being hit with a lead-weighted dance slipper thrown at her by a jealous competitor.

“For me, the biggest obstacle was overcomming the pain,” said Janice. “But, five or six vicodin a day was what it took. After that, it was just like I was flying.”

With their winnings, Janice and Wendy plan to start a dance troupe for disabled couples.


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