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Opinion: Tell Us About Great Nurses

Know a great nurse? Log on to to let everyone else know about a wonderful colleague who should be recognized.

This is a unique time for our Nursing Excellence Awards. It’s like the passing of the baton in Olympic track and field events.

If you watch these athletes, you’ll notice the second runner starts jogging before the first runner reaches him to transfer the baton. They work to have a similar speed for a smooth transfer of the baton without losing any momentum.

Cynthia Vlasich, RN

Similarly, we are currently celebrating the 2008 regional Nursing Excellence honorees and have yet to name the national 2008 Nurse of the Year winners. But, we’re calling for nominations for 2009 recognition.

Why? Because just as those sprinters are competing on a round track, we are running a year-round recognition program. We start recognizing honorees on the East Coast in spring, and finish honoring the national Nurses of the Year near the end of each year. We space it out so we can do justice to each region and celebrate each honoree’s accomplishment appropriately.

The first step is a well-written nomination. Think of this as evidence-based excellence. Give us evidence on how and why a nurse is excellent.

It is such a pleasure to read the Nursing Excellence nominations. The whole process makes me very proud to share this wonderful profession with you all. The amazing accomplishments, scientific practice, heartwarming care, and creativity are remarkable to read about. After reading these nominations, no one could ever question the focus, dedication, and skill so many nurses have for their patients, each other, and their profession.

However, we wouldn’t be reading about or recognizing any of these fabulous nurses without the nominations, which is step one of the process. Nominators are the unsung heroes of the Nursing Excellence program. They take the time and effort to collect data and get specific details in order to submit a solid nomination and have their colleagues recognized.

For those of you contemplating writing a nomination, it is an easy process. Log on to and follow the links for nominations, which are done entirely online. Keep in mind, the content you submit is the only information upon which a nominee will be judged. Nominations are blinded for the judging process, so submitting nominations is just like proving an evidence-based practice procedure.

Make sure to mention more than, “Everyone loves this nurse. Patients think he or she is wonderful and fun to work with.”

Why does everyone love this nurse? What did he or she do? What impact, measurable and/or anecdotal, did the work have? What changes in practice or procedure has the work led to?

There are nurses who change lives in wonderful ways, directly or indirectly, every day. We need to celebrate them. Make a great case in the nomination for why he or she deserves to be a role model for all of us in the profession. Evidence-based excellence. That’s what we need.


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