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Daily News: RN-Created Program Honored

A nurse-developed program that has improved the care of individuals with complex health needs while lowering costs to Medicare and Medicaid has been recognized as a model of quality and value by the nonprofit Bipartisan Policy Center in its launch of the Leaders’ Project on the State of American Health Care.

Nurse practitioners Jeannine Bayard, RN, MPH, and RuthAnn Jacobson, RN, MPH, developed the model known as “Evercare,” now a UnitedHealth Group company, serving more than 120,000 people who are aged, are disabled, or have long-term or advanced illness in 35 states.

“With a 91% satisfaction rate and trips to the emergency room cut in half for nursing-home residents, Evercare has demonstrated the potential nurse-led programs have to improve patient outcomes and reduce adverse events,” says Patricia Kappas-Larson, APRN, MPH, of the American Academy of Nursing in a statement.

Evercare has overcome fragmentation in health services, improved access to medical and non-medical services, reduced emergency treatments and hospitalizations, and lowered costs to Medicare and Medicaid, Kappas-Larson says.

Bayard and Jacobson, nurse practitioner classmates specializing in geriatrics at the University of Minnesota in 1977, are retired.

The Bipartisan Policy Center, founded last year by former Sens. Howard Baker, Bob Dole, Tom Daschle, and George Mitchell, is an incubator of policy efforts, with one focus on reforming healthcare coverage and delivery in America.

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