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Nurse Tells Story of Nearly 50-Year Career

Elsie Lindow, RN, today

Elsie Lindow recently celebrated her 90th birthday. When she told the nurses at the elder care facility she wanted to retire, they were appalled, insisting that she continue working, even part time.

Lindow, RN, has had a 20-year career as a nurse at Bortz Health Care in Michigan. She works full-time on the midnight shift and loves her clients dearly.

Cindy Lindow, RN, who is married to Elsie’s nephew, wrote to Nursing Spectrum asking for “a way to honor this wonderful woman for her many years of commitment to the nursing profession.” She put us in touch with Elsie’s son Dave Lindow, who convinced his mother to share her story with Nursing Spectrum.

What follows is her modest retelling of her nursing career, which spans nearly 50 years.

Born Jan. 2, 1918, I came from a family of 10 children. To earn enough money for my first year at Grace Hospital School of Nursing, I worked the summer months at a bean elevator in Marlette, Mich. I entered nurses’ training in 1938 and graduated in 1941. When I graduated, I sold a pint of my blood to get enough money to buy my first uniform and rent a room.

I met my husband-to-be while in nursing school, and we were married shortly after I graduated. We moved to Texas, where my husband trained to be an officer before being sent overseas during World War II. I worked in a hospital in Texas while he served in the war.

After the war, we returned to Michigan, where we raised three sons. After the children were out of the house, I went back to work and eventually became director of nursing at the Farmington Nursing Home (now called Bosford Commons). I retired from there at age 70.

My husband died in 1987. I went to work at Bortz Health Care, where I have worked for the past 20 years.

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