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Colorado’s Uninsured Coverage Plan Raises Cost Concerns

The Colorado Blue Ribbon Commission on Health Care Reform has formulated a plan to cover more than 85% of the state’s uninsured residents.

However, a consultant to the commission suggested the cost of the program, which would be between $1.4 billion and $2.1 billion, needs to be lowered, the Rocky Mountain News reports.

Known as the “fifth proposal” because four other plans were submitted before it, the plan “mandates that everyone have health coverage or pay a penalty.”

It would cover 685,200 uninsured Coloradoans “by expanding Medicaid and children’s health insurance programs; offering private insurance subsidies to families living at up to four times the federal poverty level; and allowing disabled people living at up to 450% of the poverty level to buy into Medicaid,” according to the newspaper.

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