Shalla Newton


Shalla graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, receiving her B.S. with honors. She also graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing, receiving her BSN with top honors. She earned her MSN from Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing with top honors. She also maintains her post-baccalaureate nurse educator certificate. Shalla’s tenure encompasses over 20 years of cross-functional leadership and direct clinical roles in healthcare, biopharma/biotech, government affairs, nonprofit patient advocacy & research organizations. Shalla is an accomplished writer, speaker, and published author with global experts. She also sits on scientific, advocacy, & legislative advisory boards. Her therapeutic passion has been focused in rare, orphan, & complex diseases for the past 15 years with subject matter expertise in rheumatology, immunology, genetics, neurology, and several pediatric diseases.

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