Esther Bernhofer


Dr. Bernhofer has been a registered nurse since 1981 and at the Cleveland Clinic since 2005. Prior to her current position as a Nurse Researcher in the Office of Research and Innovation, she was the Pain Management Specialist in Nursing Education for the Cleveland Clinic Enterprise. Dr. Bernhofer has published work ranging from the ethics of pain management to the physical environment and pain: light, mood, sleep and pain in medical/surgical patients. She is Co-Chair of the Education Committee of the American Society for Pain Management Nursing and is board-certified in pain management nursing. In addition to her current work on 4 research projects that investigate pain in hospital in-patients, she continues to conduct pain management classes for nurses and physicians at the Cleveland Clinic on a regular basis.

Courses Authored

Pain Management and Ethics, Part 1: What’s the Right Thing To Do?
Pain Management and Ethics, Part 2: What’s the Right Thing To Do?

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