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Donna Cardillo, RN, MA,'s career advice columnist is president of Known as The Inspiration Nurse, she is a keynote speaker, retreat and seminar leader, and author of "Your First Year as a Nurse: Making the Transition from Total Novice to Successful Professional" and "The ULTIMATE Career Guide for Nurses: Practical Advice for Thriving at Every Stage of Your Career."

She brings more than 20 years of clinical, management and business experience to her role as career guru.
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Should a new nurse include her GPA on her resume?
Date: Mar 2, 2015 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, Should I include my GPA on my resume? I've heard different opinions. Wondering..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Wondering About GPA, I presume you are asking about including your nursing school grade point average on your resume. While this is advice sometimes given to student nurses an... read more

How should a nurse who wants to ultimately work in informatics area weigh two job offers? One is in med-surg; one in EMAR.
Date: Feb 27, 2015 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, I am stuck between two job offers, with the main goal being what is best for a..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Torn Between Two Job Offers, Ultimately, this is a decision only you can make. Here are some things to think about: 1. You don't necessarily need acute med-surg experience to ... read more

Should I get an MSN in leadership versus MSN FNP in case I eventually move out of the clinical setting?
Date: Feb 26, 2015 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, I am a 26 year old with more than one year experience as an RN. I completed my..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Wants to Become an FNP, Go for the MSN/family nurse practitioner degree. There is no need to take a detour or do it in the stages you describe. Even if you eventually leave th... read more

When should a student nurse who is graduating in 10 months start to look for a job?
Date: Feb 25, 2015 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, I am a student nurse who will be graduating in December 2015. When should I st..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Student Looking For A Job, It's never too soon to begin making contacts, building your network and planting seeds. Now is the perfect time to start all of that which will faci... read more

How can I get a HIM entry-level position when I am more than 60 years old? I am an experienced ADN who is in school for bachelor's in HIM?
Date: Feb 24, 2015 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, How can I get into a HIM entry-level position when I am more than 60 years old..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Wants to Manage Healthcare Information, By HIM I presume you mean Health Information Management, a very popular specialty and growing field. You have a great background and cr... read more

Have you ever heard of a nurse getting an acupuncture license?
Date: Feb 23, 2015 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, Have you ever heard of a nurse getting an acupuncture license? It's something ..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Interested in Acupuncture, I have known of several nurses who are licensed acupuncturists. It is a natural extension to their practice. Do an Internet search for "nurse acupun... read more

With the complexity of the job market and difficulty landing an RN job, is it worth it to take loans and get an MSN degree?
Date: Feb 20, 2015 | Dear Donna
Question - I am a big fan of your work, especially your books. I need your input on my situation. My ..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Wonders If Student Loans Are Worth It, Regarding your job prospects, it is a challenging time for new nurses to find work, especially in the hospital. See where to look for wo... read more

Do you have any suggestions for an experienced nurse on how to find part-time or weekend nursing jobs?
Date: Feb 19, 2015 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, I am 60 years old and need extra income. I am looking for a part-time or weeke..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Needs Extra Income, Without knowing how flexible your full-time job is or what type of work you are doing (or want to do), I would suggest you contact ski resorts or amusement... read more

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