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Donna Cardillo, RN, MA,'s career advice columnist and president of Cardillo & Associates, is a keynote speaker, entrepreneur and author of "Your First Year as a Nurse: Making the Transition from Total Novice to Successful Professional" and "The ULTIMATE Career Guide for Nurses: Practical Advice for Thriving at Every Stage of Your Career."

She brings more than 20 years of clinical, management and business experience to her role as career guru.
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Could you provide some suggestions on how to update my "very outdated" resume to reflect my experience?
Date: Feb 20, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, As an experienced RN of 26 years, with 14 years in Med-Surg/Telemetry/Diabetic..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Outdated and Frustrated, Just like hairstyles and clothes, resumes styles and formats change over the years. If your resume is outdated, people may assume that you are outdate... read more

How can new ADN nurses improve their resumes and market themselves to compete with those who have earned a BSN?
Date: Feb 19, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, I am a new RN graduate with an associate's degree. How can I boost my resume a..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Wants To Compete With BSN Nurses, Congratulations on your ADN and welcome to the profession. Although the job market is competitive and evolving, there are many things you can... read more

What steps can I take to become a pediatric nurse if I work on a telemetry floor and will have my BSN within a year?
Date: Feb 18, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - I am a staff RN on a telemetry floor. I have my associate's degree and will have my BSN in..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Donna replies: Dear Wants to be a Pediatric Nurse, Start talking to any pediatric nurses you know or meet. Express your interest in becoming a pediatric nurse when you speak w... read more

Should an experienced RN include nursing school clinical experiences on a resume? Can you provide other tips to help update my resume?
Date: Feb 14, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, I have been a nurse on the same unit more than five years, ever since graduati..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Looking for a New Job, Your nursing school experience should no longer be on your resume. Concentrate on the experience gained in your current position. To convey your seniori... read more

Can you help me decide which job to take: an LSN position where I work now or an admission clinician/home visit RN job with a healthcare system?
Date: Feb 13, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, I work at a charter school as a licensed health care assistant and have a chan..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Weighing the Pros and Cons By LSN I assume you mean licensed school nurse, a designation used in some but not all states. With that in mind, there are no wrong decisions, only... read more

What would be the best way for a bedside RN, with 20 years of experience and a new MSN, to transition to an education position?
Date: Feb 10, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, What would be the best way for a bedside RN, with 20 years of experience and a..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Wants To Be an Educator, Congratulations on your MSN. You don't mention what type of educator you'd like to be: college, staff development, community or other so I'll provide ... read more

What business opportunities are available for an experienced RN who recently received a non-nursing master's and PhD?
Date: Feb 7, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, I am a 56-year-old RN with a BSN, who graduated 1990 and worked as an RN for s..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Wants to Start a Business, As an experienced nurse with advanced degrees and an entrepreneurial spirit, I would suggest that you consider starting some type of holistic healin... read more

My daughter wants to become a nurse. Are there any trade schools for nursing that you know of that are close to our home?
Date: Feb 6, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, My daughter is interested in becoming a nurse. Are there any trade schools tha..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Daughter Wants to Be a Nurse, If your daughter wants to become a registered nurse, she should be looking for a college-based BSN program. RNs with associate's degrees are havi... read more

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