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Name: Subacute Care Nurse
Description: Provides comprehensive inpatient care for patients who have had an acute illness, injury, or exacerbation of a disease process. It is goal-oriented care rendered immediately after or instead of acute hospitalization for treatment of active complex conditions or for administration of technically complex treatments. Subacute care is generally more intensive than traditional nursing home care and less intensive than acute care
Diagnoses: Complex problems including AIDS, postoperative and brain-injury recovery, infections such as bacterial endocarditis, wound care, hospice, ventilator care
Practice roles: Staff nurse, clinical nurse specialist, nurse manager, coordinator, supervisor, director, executive, educator
Characteristics: Excellent clinical skills, combined with an ability to work autonomously and part of a team are crucial for success
Client age group: All age groups, but especially the elderly
Drawbacks: Economic and reimbursement issues for patients
Desirable skills: Extended-care, medical-surgical, and critical-care skills such as assessment, IV therapy, ventilator, tracheostomy skills; autonomy
Education: RN with AD, diploma, or BSN
Employers: Hospitals, rehabilitation, and long-term facilities
American Subacute Care Association
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