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Name: Orthopaedic Nurse
Description: Cares for the actual and potential health problems related to musculoskeletal function; relies on a holistic approach in their assessment of the impact of musculoskeletal conditions on self-care, patient management of the environment, available patient resources, and support systems
Diagnoses: Arthritis, joint replacement, diabetes, fractures, and musculoskeletal injuries, congenital malformations
Practice roles: Staff nurse, clinical nurse specialist, nurse case manager, head nurse, supervisor, coordinator, director, executive
Characteristics: Patient care and relationships, making a difference, teamwork, cases of dramatic improvement, variety of patients’ ages and illnesses
Client age group: All ages
Drawbacks: Multiple demands of staffing and workload, difficult patient contacts, stress, physical strain, excessive paperwork
Desirable skills: Physical stamina, people skills, teamwork, flexibility
Education: RN with AD, Diploma, or BSN (preferred)
Employers: Hospitals including specialty hospitals, extended-care facilities, home- health agencies, physician offices, HMOs
Orthopaedic Nurse Certification Board
401 N. Michigan Ave. Suite 2200
Chicago, IL 60611
Orthopaedic Nursing Journal