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Name: Supplemental Nurse
Description: A 'supplemental' nurse is employed by an agency to provide specific nursing skills to a hospital or other type of healthcare facility. Travel nursing or home care could fall into this category as well
Practice roles: A supplemental nurse can practice in any clinical specialty in virtually any healthcare arena, including hospitals, nursing homes, rehab facilities, extended care centers, free-standing clinics, ambulatory surgery centers, even home care and private practice
Characteristics: A supplemental nurse gains flexibility and freedom in scheduling, shift preference, autonomy and independence. Pay rates are generally better than per diem or staff rates, without the scheduling requirements
Drawbacks: Supplemental staffing is somewhat census driven, although it is steadily increasing; requires a high level of flexibility
Desirable skills: A strong clinical background is imperative. Self-confidence and flexibility are also important. The supplemental nurse should be easily adaptable to new environments. He or she should be inquisitive and possess good 'people' skills
Education: Varies
Employers: The employer is the agency who places the nurse. A comprehensive agency provides health benefits, 401-K and vacation plans