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The road to population health management

Population health management is the focus of much of today's conversations surrounding healthcare delivery systems. The topic is prompting discussions on three elements - expanding and using large-scale patient clinical data sets to drive clinical decision-making, having a primary-care led clinical workforce, and engaging communities and patients to manage their own health. At the heart of each of these key elements of managing our patient populations remains one constant- the nursing ... Read more »

Modernized Code of Ethics addresses tough questions

Each of the country's 3.1 million RNs may make dozens of decisions about patient care every day. Making those decisions with ethical considerations in mind is increasingly challenging in the modern healthcare environment where technology and patient care are evolving at a rapid pace. In January, the American Nurses Association rolled out a revised version of the Code of Ethics - which had not been updated since 2001 - after an 18-month revision process. Nurse leaders involved in the revision ... Read more »

Doors of opportunity

With more than 100 specialties available to nurses, the initial choice of nursing as a profession for most is just the first of many they will make throughout their careers. Whether the profession is facing a time of vacancies and shortages or low turnover and no openings, options are always available for nurses to move from one specialty to another. The profession continually becomes more specialty-focused as nurses hone new skills and move their careers forward, perhaps opting to transition ... Read more »

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