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'American Nurse' documentary hits theaters May 7-8

The world premiere screening of "The American Nurse" will take place May 7 at the American Film Institute's Silver Theatre and Cultural Center in Silver Spring, Md., to coincide with National Nurses Week. The event is made possible by the American Nurses Foundation and Fresenius Kabi USA. Following the event, the film will be released in 19 theaters in 10 states. The New York premiere takes place May 8 at the Bow Tie Chelsea Cinemas in Manhattan. The film continues through May 15 at Digiplex ... Read more »

Answering the call

Much of the focus in healthcare reform has been on getting people insured. But as a mandatory insurance requirement goes into effect this year and Medicaid is expanded in some states, the next step is making sure people actually get care. That's where nurse practitioners come in. Recent reports suggest nurse practitioners can help meet the primary care needs of patients in rural, urban and suburban areas, particularly in light of a projected physician shortage. But barriers remain in the form ... Read more »

Making yourself heard

One of the welcome changes that social media has brought to the media industry is amplified reader feedback. Content providers can gauge their audience's thoughts and opinions much more quickly and extensively than in the days before Facebook and Twitter. With more than 200,000 followers on those two platforms combined, uses social media not only to share our news and feature stories, continuing education modules and blog posts with RNs who otherwise might not see them, but also to ... Read more »

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