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Forecast for the future

Ask three nurses familiar with the Affordable Care Act what it will mean for the profession and you get three very different answers. One foresees disaster, as newly insured and aging patients overwhelm a system unprepared to support them. Another predicts improved care and new opportunities for nurses, as the bulk of healthcare moves from the hospital to the community setting. A third sees both better care and access for patients, but heavier workloads and more stress for clinicians. The only ... Read more »

Dream teams

When it comes to care coordination, economy of scale, quality outcomes and best practices, ambulatory nurses are in the vanguard of care in our changing healthcare environment. Ambulatory nurses throughout the country talked with about their roles, programs they've created to meet the complex needs of patients, the challenges they've faced and how they're empowering patients to be partners in their own care. Improving interdisciplinary communication and care coordination and getting ... Read more »

'American Nurse' documentary hits theaters May 7-8

The world premiere screening of "The American Nurse" will take place May 7 at the American Film Institute's Silver Theatre and Cultural Center in Silver Spring, Md., to coincide with National Nurses Week. The event is made possible by the American Nurses Foundation and Fresenius Kabi USA. Following the event, the film will be released in 19 theaters in 10 states. The New York premiere takes place May 8 at the Bow Tie Chelsea Cinemas in Manhattan. The film continues through May 15 at Digiplex ... Read more »

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