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Doors of opportunity

With more than 100 specialties available to nurses, the initial choice of nursing as a profession for most is just the first of many they will make throughout their careers. Whether the profession is facing a time of vacancies and shortages or low turnover and no openings, options are always available for nurses to move from one specialty to another. The profession continually becomes more specialty-focused as nurses hone new skills and move their careers forward, perhaps opting to transition ... Read more »

End of Shift: Stories from the bedside

To celebrate you - our valued readers - we share your tales from the bedside and beyond. Here, we feature a brand new collection of our award-winning End of Shift stories about nurses' unforgettable experiences. These articles get to the heart of nursing and its everyday trials and triumphs with patient care ... so keep a box of Kleenex handy; you just might need it. We hope you enjoy this end-of-year tribute to nursing and find inspiration in these nurses-turned-writers' life-changing memoirs.... Read more »

Home is where the care is

All through nursing school, Melissa Marrero, MSN, RN-BC, was sure she wanted to work in a hospital ICU until she accompanied a home health nurse in New York's Chinatown as part of a clinical rotation in community nursing. "I was converted during my senior semester," said Marrero, manager of college relations for Visiting Nurse Service of New York. "The mystery of what happens to your patients when you send them home­­ - you get to see that." Home health is one of the fastest growing ... Read more »

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