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Home is where the care is

All through nursing school, Melissa Marrero, MSN, RN-BC, was sure she wanted to work in a hospital ICU until she accompanied a home health nurse in New York's Chinatown as part of a clinical rotation in community nursing. "I was converted during my senior semester," said Marrero, manager of college relations for Visiting Nurse Service of New York. "The mystery of what happens to your patients when you send them home­­ - you get to see that." Home health is one of the fastest growing ... Read more »

Ebola in the U.S.

What is the best way for nurses to make sure they are prepared to deal with a possible case of Ebola virus in their healthcare organizations? Stay informed and ask lots of questions, said nurses who work in infectious disease control. "The more questions we get and the more people look at the protocols and policies and ask for training, I think the more prepared we can be," said Linda Greene, RN, MPS, CIC, an infection prevention manager at Highland Hospital in Rochester, N.Y., and a former ... Read more »

2014 Jobs Outlook

When Marcy Hohorst, RN, realized she wasn't likely to get a med-surg nursing job as a new graduate from an associate degree program, she felt relieved. "That would be my worst nightmare," said Hohorst, who started nursing school at age 50, after years of working as a personal trainer. Although she greatly respects med-surg nurses, she feared a job on a busy hospital floor would exhaust her, and she wouldn't have enough time to spend with patients. "And I thought I was too old for it." Instead, ... Read more »

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