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Student News's Suarez takes the reins as NAHN president's Dan Suarez, RN, MA, associate director of sales for the New York region, was sworn in as the new president of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses at the association's 2014 conference in Miami in July. Suarez, a past president of the New York Chapter, shared some insight into NAHN's future goals and initiatives, as well as his vision for the organization's growth. As the new president, what are your goals for the organization? Dan Suarez- We have outlined three ... Read more »

Streamlined processes

Lean management can be a tool for not only cutting costs but also for improving outcomes. Its roots lie in manufacturing - more specifically, the Toyota Production System. In healthcare, lean management is being applied to processes ranging from patient flow through the hospital to supply inventory. "Lean looks at streamlining processes to highlight and eliminate waste," said Manimegalai Murugavel, RN-BC, DNP, NE-BC, CSSGB, patient care director at Inova Mount Vernon Hospital in Alexandria, Va.... Read more »

Forecast for the future

Ask three nurses familiar with the Affordable Care Act what it will mean for the profession and you get three very different answers. One foresees disaster, as newly insured and aging patients overwhelm a system unprepared to support them. Another predicts improved care and new opportunities for nurses, as the bulk of healthcare moves from the hospital to the community setting. A third sees both better care and access for patients, but heavier workloads and more stress for clinicians. The only ... Read more »

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