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Oncology News
For baby boomers, cutting-edge treatments can mean life after cancer. But many will need financial resources to cover the pricey fees. Read more »
Study examines health problems of childhood cancer survivors
Adult survivors of childhood cancer are five times more likely than their siblings to develop new cancers and heart and other serious health conditions beyond age 35. Read more »
Initial cognitive decline may indicate lower cancer risk
Older people starting to experience cognitive decline may have a lower risk of dying from cancer than people who have no memory and thinking problems. Read more »
Drug doesn't prevent erectile dysfunction after radiotherapy
Tadalafil was not associated with improved overall sexual function or satisfaction, and partners of men assigned tadalafil noted no significant effect on sexual satisfaction. Read more »
Colorectal cancer rates drop significantly, report finds
Colon cancer incidence rates have dropped 30% in the U.S. in the last 10 years among adults 50 and older due to the widespread uptake of colonoscopy. Read more »
Report: Overweight women face higher risk of ovarian cancer
The report findings indicate ovarian cancer joins the growing list of cancers whose risk is increased by carrying excess body fat. Read more »
Oophorectomy slashes death risk in women with BRCA mutation
Women who carry a BRCA gene mutation and opt for a preventive oophorectomy have a 77% lower risk of death than those who do not. Read more »
Earlier palliative care helps in outpatient cancer treatment
Palliative care teams should be involved much earlier in the course of illness to provide collaborative care together with oncologists, researchers said. Read more »
Form of music therapy helps younger cancer patients cope
Participation in a therapeutic music process that includes writing song lyrics and producing videos helps patients gain coping skills and improve in resilience-related outcomes. Read more »
Study suggests mammograms don't prevent breast cancer deaths
Annual screening in women ages 40 to 59 does not reduce mortality from breast cancer beyond that of physical examination or usual care. Read more »
Study adds evidence to link between smoking, breast cancer
Young women who have smoked a pack a day for a decade or more have a significantly increased risk of developing the most common type of breast cancer. Read more »

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