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Nursing quality measures expand to cover additional units
The nation's largest database assessing nursing care quality has expanded its measures of nurse staffing to the entire clinical practice area of hospitals by adding several new patient care unit types, according to a news release. By measuring staffing in EDs, perioperative services and perinatal services as part of NDNQI, a quality improvement solution of the American Nurses Association, hospital quality...READ MORE »
Study quantifies link between RN experience, length of stay
Patients get the best care when they are treated in units that are staffed by nurses who have extensive experience in their current job, according to a study. The review of more than 900,000 patient admissions over four years at hospitals in the Veterans Administration Healthcare System is described as the largest study of its kind to link nurse staffing to patient outcomes. Researchers at Columbia University School...READ MORE »
Congress delays scheduled cuts in Medicare physician payments
Both houses of Congress passed a bill that prevents cuts to Medicare physician payments from taking effect April 1 as scheduled. President Obama subsequently signed the bill into law, thus delaying a 24% cut in payments until at least April 1, 2015. Payments instead will go up by 0.5%. Also delayed are implementation of the new ICD-10 medical codes, from October 2014 to October 2015; and the two-midnight rule for...READ MORE »
Report examines efforts to create better RN work environments
A new "Charting Nursing's Future" brief from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation details a series of programs designed by and for nurses that have "spurred the creation of work environments that foster healthcare quality and patient safety" 10 years after a landmark Institute of Medicine report. The November 2003 IOM report, "Keeping Patients Safe: Transforming the Work Environment of Nurses," concluded that "the...READ MORE »
Report: Almost 10 million will gain insurance in 2014 under ACA
Note: Information in this story was updated Wednesday, April 2. At least 9.5 million people who otherwise would have been uninsured will have health insurance in 2014 through the Affordable Care Act, according to a Los Angeles Times report. The total includes those who signed up for coverage through the federal and state insurance exchanges, and those who gained access through the expansion of Medicaid in some...READ MORE »
Changes to medication alerts in EMRs help patients, providers
Changing how medication alerts are presented in electronic medical records resulted in safer prescribing, increased efficiency and reduced workloads for healthcare providers who placed drug orders, according to a Veterans Affairs study. "The VA electronic medical record system is one of the most widely used and respected EMR systems in the country," Alissa L. Russ, PhD, a human factors engineer who led the study,...READ MORE »
Truven Health names top 100 hospitals based on performance
Truven Health Analytics released its annual study identifying the 100 top U.S. hospitals based on overall organizational performance. The Truven Health 100 Top Hospitals study identifies hospitals and leadership teams that provide the highest level of value to their communities, based on a national balanced scorecard. The scorecard measures hospital performance across 10 areas: mortality, inpatient complications,...READ MORE »
Magnet hospital work environments linked to high care quality
A professional practice environment that is supportive of nursing helps explain why Magnet hospitals have better nurse-reported quality of care than non-Magnet hospitals, according to a study. As published earlier this year in the Journal of Nursing Administration, researchers with the New York University College of Nursing and University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing explored links between recognized nursing...READ MORE »
Study: Hand sanitizer not always available in some facilities
About one in five U.S. health facilities don't make alcohol-based hand sanitizer available at every point of care, missing a critical opportunity to prevent healthcare-associated infections, according to new research. The study, which examined compliance with World Health Organization hand hygiene guidelines in the U.S., also found that only about half of the hospitals, ambulatory care and long-term care facilities...READ MORE »
Nurse staffing, education affect patient mortality in Europe
Patients are more likely to die after common surgical procedures when they are cared for in hospitals with heavier nurse workloads and fewer nurses with bachelor's degrees, according to a study of European hospitals. The study findings, published Feb. 26 on the website of The Lancet, were derived from more than 420,000 patients in 300 hospitals across nine European countries. The findings indicate that every extra...READ MORE »
Study: Bring home-based hospice techniques to hospital
Using home-based hospice practices for terminally ill, hospitalized patients could reduce suffering and improve end-of-life care, according to a study. The study, published Jan. 21 on the website of the Journal of General Internal Medicine, was described as the first to show that palliative care techniques usually used in a home setting can affect end-of-life care for those who die in a hospital. The study "was...READ MORE »
Survey finds nurses have mixed feelings about their jobs
While most nurses generally are satisfied with their jobs, many have a negative outlook for the future, according to a survey released by Jackson Healthcare, Care Logistics and Jackson Nurse Professionals. Factors such as inadequate staff to cover the number of patients and the addition of peripheral duties and documentation for regulatory requirements were cited by large numbers of the 1,333 hospital-based RNs...READ MORE »
ACA exchange problems decrease CBO's insurance projections
The Congressional Budget Office has lowered its projection for the number of newly insured people in 2014 under the Affordable Care Act, citing technical problems that hindered online enrollment during the first two months of the insurance exchanges. The CBO projects 6 million people will become privately insured through the exchanges this year, down from a previous estimate of 7 million. And 8 million are projected...READ MORE »
Study examines characteristics of high-price hospitals
High-price hospitals average 474 staffed beds, more than double the average number of beds in the low-price hospitals, and have market shares about three times as large as those of low-price hospitals, according to a study. The study, published Jan. 29 on the website of the journal Health Affairs, explored why some hospitals are more successful at negotiating higher prices than nearby competitors, and linked...READ MORE »
List of 24 competencies helps nurses with evidence-based care
Nurse researchers developed a list of 24 evidence-based practice competencies for RNs and APRNs to use in real-world clinical settings. The authors recommend that healthcare institutions build these skills into employment expectations, evaluations and clinical ladder promotion systems as part of efforts to implement and sustain evidence-based care. Numerous studies have suggested that evidence-based care of patients...READ MORE »