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African American on cover
I was pleased to see a young, black African-American male RN on the cover. This was a positive image portrayed at the right time. - Tracy Wright, BSN, RN Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. (August 2014 Nurse.com cover)
I am involved in a whistleblower case in Illinois. I read the 2012 article "RN whistle-blowers summon moral courage" (Nurse.com/Article/Whistleblowing), and it was a welcomed piece of information. This struggle has been long, hard and devastating. Since reading that article, I have found many people who are standing up for the right issues. I hope that Nurse.com revisits this topic in the near future. It keeps...READ MORE »
Ebola fears
The article "Nurses throughout region remain vigilant, cautious about Ebola" (Nurse.com/Article/NY/Ebola-RNs-Vigilant) highlights a fear that healthcare workers face about Ebola. As nurses, we constantly face a multitude of threats while rendering treatment. We sometimes perform care only to later find out about contagious organisms requiring isolation. Nurses operate as soldiers; we are constantly on guard for our...READ MORE »
Driving retention efforts
Regarding the article "Nurses take the wheel, drive retention efforts," (Nurse.com/Article/NY/Take-The-Wheel), the different practices and ideas implemented to improve retention among nurses is encouraging, however, the statistics remain scary. If hospitals want to retain their new graduates and experienced staff, administration needs to come up with innovative ideas. For example, hiring nurse coaches who could...READ MORE »
No tobacco at CVS
On Feb. 5, the CVS Caremark drugstore chain announced it would no longer sell cigarettes, tobacco and tobacco-related products. The company estimated that its decision would mean $2 billion in lost revenue. CVS Caremark also announced it would be changing its name to CVS Health, which is symbolic of its commitment to promote public health. The decision by CVS to stop selling cigarettes and tobacco products is...READ MORE »
Stress across generations
I was interested in the article "Survey investigates nurses' stress levels" (Nurse.com/Article/Survey-Stress). All generations of nurses are stressed in these ways; however not all generations will respond the same or have the same solutions. According to my research, the current younger generation needs positive reinforcement from authority figures and desires equality in healthcare. It is prudent for us, as...READ MORE »
July 14 cover
Thank you for the wonderful cover. It brought an instant smile to my face. It certainly is an inspiration. - Victoria Meckel, RN, RD, Ellicott City, Md.
Patient satisfaction
As mentioned in the article "Trust in us" (Nurse.com/Article/Trust-In-Us), a hospital's financial stability is a direct consequence of the nurse-patient relationship that is formed immediately upon admission. The article outlines the importance of this relationship and how it has become the forefront of hospital culture, with facilities initiating changes to various factors such as reimbursement equations, in the...READ MORE »
Beth Israel graduate
I came across the article with the picture of Ruth Merdinger, a 1951 Beth Israel graduate in New York. I was very delighted to see one of my favorite instructors who was instrumental in my nursing career which started at Clara Barton High School in Brooklyn. I have often thought about those wonderful nurses and wanted to thank them. Thank you for allowing me to see her again. - Joyce Morris (Johnson), MSN, RN-BC...READ MORE »
Experience matters
Why would anybody hire a four-year nursing student over a nurse with more than 30 years of experience and a two-year degree? That is an extremely faulty decision. The industry should have grandfathered in people with at least 10 years of proven experience. My wife has decades of experience, teaches CPR and attends many seminars - plus works on furthering her education, but it's all by choice, which shows her passion...READ MORE »
Thanks to Stacie Stopen, RN, for her article "Nothing worth having comes easy" (Nurse.com/Next-Shift/Nothing-Worth-Having) about her perserverance in succeeding on the NCLEX and her nursing career. I'm a 37-year-old nursing grad who just finished school in May and had a previous career as a crime scene analyst. I took the NCLEX twice and failed. Stopen's testimony of perserverance and hope really encouraged me to...READ MORE »
Keep learning
I have been a nurse for more than 40 years and am working on my PhD. I've worked in several cities, and learning and doing new things is what keeps me going. Nursing has afforded me great experiences. Currently I work as a neonatal clinical nurse specialist. I teach, publish, do research, go on medical missions and still work at the bedside. Teaching and precepting new nurses is so rewarding. And there is still so...READ MORE »
Infection control
I am interested in reading about immunosuppressed individuals and immunizations. Currently there are so many of these individuals in our communities, and as far as I can determine there is no way to get them the immunizations they need. Any discussion by Nurse.com would be greatly appreciated. - Carol Cenci, RN, BSN Sonoma, Calif.
Missing symptoms
As an RN for more than 50 years I have seen a lot of approaches come and go. One thing is for sure: Today's patients do not have a primary care provider. Physicians take 15 minutes to discuss problems with patients. If RNs aren't trained to pick up on missed symptoms and given the time and resources to initiate the nursing process and develop trusting relationships with clients, healthcare in this country is in real...READ MORE »
Comment on Next Shift articles
Empathy and Empowerment connect nurses with patients and help put them at ease. - Melissa Solomon, RN, BSN, Pittsburgh