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Special screenings of 'The American Nurse' to be held May 6
The award-winning documentary "The American Nurse" (DigiNext Films) will be shown at special screening engagements May 6 in honor of National Nurses Week. The film highlights the work and lives of five American nurses from diverse specialties and explores topics such as aging, war, poverty and prisons. "At some point in our life each of us will encounter a nurse, whether it's as a patient or as a loved one," Carolyn...READ MORE »
IOM halftime report: Learning for life
The year 2015 marks an important half-way point for the ambitious goals set forth in 2010 in the Institute of Medicine's Future of Nursing Report, which included eight recommendations to transform the nursing profession. Recommendation 6 calls for the profession to ensure nurses engage in lifelong learning, and to accomplish this goal a diverse collective of groups should collaborate - including accrediting bodies,...READ MORE »
Ethically speaking: What can go wrong?
Howard is an acute care nurse practitioner committed to patient safety. Not infrequently, one of the intensivists, Ann, will give Howard her password, and ask him to enter an order set or note into the electronic record, because she is "too busy" to do it herself. She promises to look at the record "as soon as she gets time." Howard has tried to decline, knowing that this violates agency policy and it could get him...READ MORE »
Med/surg nurses use informatics to save time, enhance patient safety
Informatics programs that allow med/surg nurses to cut down on documentation and increase patient safety at the touch of a button are becoming more essential in today's fast-paced healthcare environment. "Most all nurses use the electronic health record in their daily practice," said Jill Arzouman, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC, CMSRN, president of the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses and clinical nurse specialist in surgical...READ MORE »
The path toward a career in nursing informatics
The career pathway to nursing informatics, which leverages technology by combining nursing skills with science and data management, might be closer than you think. Bedside nurses can get started by getting involved with their organization's initiatives in IT that include the clinical arena, said nurses who already work in informatics. Volunteering as a super-user for electronic health records projects is another...READ MORE »
Smartphone integration combines technology with nursing excellence in ED
The integration of smartphones in the Nash Health Care emergency department has elevated collaboration, improved patient turnaround time and led to an award for a positive nurse practice environment, according to nurses involved with the project. CareAware Connect, which aligns specially designed smartphones with bedside care at the facility in Rocky Mount, N.C., has earned rave reviews since it was launched in...READ MORE »
Legally speaking: Nursing informatics and healthcare
Nursing informatics and healthcare go hand-in-hand these days. Technology in nursing practice is not new, but the ways in which technology exists and contributes to healthcare is. One change is the use of the electronic health record (EHR). At the end of 2013, 80% of hospitals and 50% of healthcare providers implemented EHRs.1 But, the EHR is only one aspect of nursing informatics, which has become an essential...READ MORE »
A discussion with the president and CEO of Healthteam IQ
As nursing evolves in the 21st century, few aspects of the profession hold more potential to transform practice at all levels than the use of informatics. While informatics in nursing dates back to the first computers introduced in healthcare settings, the use of informatics has gained steam, driven by the push to make electronic health records the new standard for the sharing and transmission of patient...READ MORE »
Tips for getting the most from informatics
Patty Sengstack, DNP, RN-BC, CPHIMS, can see the day coming soon when patients will never be out of range of their health records. No matter where patients go - a hospital, physician's office or even a dentist - care providers will be able to instantly access patient records, creating a seamless flow of information and improving care everywhere -- a system now known as "interoperability." While she believes the...READ MORE »
Medication adherence critical for heart patients, nurse-led study finds
A new nurse-led study has found interventions to encourage heart patients to take their medications as prescribed were most effective when focused on changing the behavior of patients rather than the behavior of healthcare providers. "Previous research has shown that 50% of patients who take medications long term do not take them as prescribed," Todd Ruppar, PhD, RN, GCNS-BC, assistant professor at the Sinclair...READ MORE »
Study finds delays in nurses entering patient data in electronic health records
Significant lag times exist between when nurses assess patient pain scores at the bedside and when those scores are entered into patients' electronic health records, based on a recent study, according to an article that was published in the March issue of General Surgery News. The study's findings were presented at the American Medical Informatics Association's 2014 annual symposium. Researchers from the University...READ MORE »
Capella launches new online informatics programs in nursing and healthcare
Capella University recently launched five new online informatics programs that focus on the use of data and technology in healthcare settings to improve individual patient outcomes and overall healthcare quality, according to a news release. The new programs include MSN and RN-to-MSN Nursing Informatics specializations, an MHA Health Care Informatics specialization, and Nursing Informatics and Health Care...READ MORE »
HIMSS honors Elsevier nurse with informatics award
The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society honored Michelle Troseth, MSN, RN, DPNAP, FAAN, chief professional practice officer of Elsevier Clinical Solutions, with its Nursing Informatics Leadership Award at the society's annual conference April 12 in Chicago, according to a news release. Troseth has more than 25 years of experience co-designing and implementing evidence-based practice and technology...READ MORE »
Mobile app may help nurses in diagnosing obesity, smoking and depression
A mobile custom app that prompts clinicians to follow evidence-based guidelines when deciding on treatment and documenting care plans makes nurses significantly more likely to diagnose patients with chronic health issues such as obesity, smoking and depression during routine exams, according to a study from Columbia University School of Nursing published in the November/December 2014 issue of the Journal for Nurse...READ MORE »
Pilot study finds electronic devices may help nursing students in clinical settings
Undergraduate nursing students found using iPads as personal digital assistants in a clinical setting can be an important tool in improving the quality of care delivered, according to a pilot study. The study, which is titled "Traditional versus electronic resources for students in clinical nurse courses: A pilot study," appeared in the spring 2015 issue of the Online Journal of Nursing Informatics. Geri W. Beers,...READ MORE »