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Do you think it is better for a seasoned RN to go for an NP or become a PA?
Question: Dear Donna, I have been a nurse for 18 years. Do you think it is better for me to go for an NP or become a PA? PA vs.NP Dear Donna replies: Dear PA vs.NP, Before I address the PA vs. NP route, I would want to know why you are considering either. Some nurses believe if they go back to school for a master's degree, they must get into advanced practice. Advanced practice nursing requires a commitment of time...READ MORE »
Does Nurse.com offer any free continuing education classes or seminars to help a nurse who has been out of work for almost 2 years?
Question: Dear Donna, I've been an RN for 22 years, and have worked in med/surg, ED, ICU, and long-term care. Due to a back injury that left me 50% disabled, I have not been able to do bedside care since 2009. I have been unable to find a job for two years, and I have no money to take CEUs. Does Nurse.com offer any free classes? I've found without a higher degree, the jobs in case management and utilization review...READ MORE »
What are your thoughts on an experienced hospital nurse moving into legal nurse consulting as a next career move?
Question: I'm a BSN nurse with 13 years of hospital experience, including CICU, cardiovascular step-down, management, and most recently, perioperative nursing. I'm looking to transition out of hospital nursing, and possibly become an entrepreneur. What are your thoughts on legal nurse consulting? Interested in Entrepreneurship Dear Donna replies: Dear Interested in Entrepreneurship, Legal nurse consulting is...READ MORE »
Is it better to apply to more recently posted jobs than those that are nine or 10 days old?
Question: Dear Donna, Should I stick mostly to jobs posted one or two days ago or is my chance of landing a job just as good with a job listing posted nine or 10 days ago? Wondering if Job Postings Get Stale Dear Donna replies: Dear Wondering if Job Postings Get Stale, Every employer has a different procedure for processing online applications. Some will accumulate applications over time and then review or screen...READ MORE »
Should an RN without recent experience, who cannot take an RN refresher course due to its distant location, take a CNA course instead?
Question: Dear Donna, I have kept my RN license current, but have not practiced for many years. Since traveling to take an RN refresher course is not possible at this time, do you think I should consider a CNA course? Would a CNA course be considered CE credit? Stay at Home Mom Dear Donna replies: Dear Stay at Home Mom, You don't mention how long you've been out of the workforce. But the most important thing for you...READ MORE »
Can you provide tips to help a nurse who has been out of the workforce for 20 years find a part-time nursing job?
Question: Dear Donna, I have been out of nursing for 20 years raising children and taking care of a sick relative. I would like to work as a nurse part time but don't want to return to the hospital. Any suggestions? Wants to Return to Nursing Dear Donna replies: Dear Wants to Return to Nursing, I would suggest you contact some nursing or healthcare employment agencies that do nontraditional placement (some only do...READ MORE »
Do you have any suggestions or resources for a nurse who wants to get better at public speaking?
Question: Dear Donna, I have been asked to do a presentation at work for my coworkers. I am more than a little nervous. I haven't done public speaking that often but would like to get better at it. Do you have any suggestions or resources for me? Wants to Get Better at Public Speaking Dear Donna replies: Dear Wants to Get Better at Public Speaking, Although most people are reluctant pubic speakers, once you learn...READ MORE »
Learn to speak with confidence
Every nurse has to make a presentation of one type or another in her or his professional life. Whether presenting at grand rounds, conducting a department in-service, doing community education, teaching health related classes or speaking at orientation, good speaking skills are a necessity. The ability to speak well in public is something that will serve you well throughout your professional life, for many reasons....READ MORE »
What recourse does an RN have to fight wrongful termination, and how can she find a new job?
Question: Dear Donna, I was recently terminated for documentation issues. Prior to my termination, I had been being harassed in the workplace and received crank calls to my home and cell phones. I followed company policy and reported this harassment to my manager who reported it to the department director and human resources. Harassment was discussed multiple times with HR. Harassment continued and escalated to the...READ MORE »
What job would have the most longevity: chargemaster or utilization management?
Question: I'm a BSN-prepared nurse who is soon to graduate with an MSN. I love my current position, which I've been in for two years, but am concerned the job may become obsolete in three to five years. I am the RN Revenue Cycle Coordinator for a 396-bed nonprofit sole community hospital. I maintain the chargemaster among other things. There's an opening in utilization management. I feel I need to set myself up for...READ MORE »
Is there a way to prepare for the pediatric and maternity entrance exams that seem to be required to get into an LPN-RN/BSN bridge program?
Question: Dear Donna, I have been an LPN for 12 years. I am 50 years old, and would like to know if there are ways to prepare for the pediatric and maternity entrance exams that seem to be a requirement to get into these LPN-RN/BSN bridge programs. I have not worked in these areas since completing the clinical portions of my education years ago. Do you have any recommendation on what nursing school to attend to...READ MORE »
Can you recommend any sources to read about using language to help manage conflict?
Question: Dear Donna, I listened to your webinar, "Transform Your Practice Through the Power of Words" on the Academy of Med-Surg Nurses website this week and found it very informative. You talked about having language to use to manage conflict and other challenging situations. Can you recommend any additional sources to read and share with some of my co-workers? Interested in Language Tools Dear Donna replies: Dear...READ MORE »
How can a nurse let her supervisor know about all of her job accomplishments without sounding like she's bragging?
Question: Dear Donna, My employee evaluation is coming up in a few months. I want to be sure my supervisor is aware of all the things I've been doing in the department, beyond my job description, that I would like to get recognized for on the appraisal. Is there a tactful way I can be sure she knows about my activities without sounding like I'm bragging? Gearing Up for an Annual Appraisal, Dear Donna replies: Dear...READ MORE »
Make the Most of Your Employee Evaluation
For many people, their annual employee evaluation is a ritual in which their supervisor goes down a checklist of various characteristics and performance indicators. They remain passive through it all, believing they have no control over the content or the process. In reality, an evaluation is an opportunity to review your past accomplishments, reflect on your current position and outline your future. And since a...READ MORE »
I was recently fired from my job. I don't think it was fair and am wondering what recourse I have other than hiring an attorney?
Question: Dear Donna, I was recently fired from my job. I don't think it was fair, but I don't feel like I have any recourse. I don't have money for a lawyer. Do you have any other suggestions? Recently Fired Dear Donna replies: Dear Recently Fired, If you believe you were unfairly terminated, you might be able to file a grievance with the human resource department at the facility from which you were terminated....READ MORE »