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Do you have an up-to-date list of nursing refresher courses or can you recommend a refresher course?
Question: Dear Donna, I would like to take an RN refresher course in New York or Texas. Do you have an up-to-date list or can you recommend one? If I take a refresher course in New York, is it recognized in other states? Likewise, if I take a refresher course in Texas is it recognized in New York/other states? Wants To Take A Refresher Course Dear Donna replies: Dear Wants To Take A Refresher Course, If you're...READ MORE »
Would an RN working in an office setting be crazy to start looking for something else because she doesn't feel challenged?
Question: Dear Donna, I am working in an office setting and have been in this position for seven years. I like the work and the people, but feel I am not being challenged. My friends are telling me I should be happy just to have a job especially one that is relatively easy. Would I be crazy to start looking for something else? Doesn't Feel Challenged Dear Donna replies: Dear Doesn't Feel Challenged, The fact that...READ MORE »
Is there any chance you will be coming to the Las Vegas area to do your Career Alternatives for Nurses seminar?
Question: Dear Donna, Is there any chance you will be coming to the Las Vegas area to do your Career Alternatives for Nurses seminar? Looking for Career Alternatives Dear Donna replies: Dear Looking for Career Alternatives, While I am not offering this seminar in Las Vegas this year, I will be offering it in New Jersey and New York. Nurses travel from all over the country to attend. You conference fees, including...READ MORE »
In a medical emergency for a private-duty patient or other patient in a facility, would a private duty RN call for help or get involved in the code?
Question: Dear Donna, I work for a home care agency. Some of my patients reside in an assisted living facility, but because the family is paying for a private duty aide, I have to visit the patient. In a medical emergency for either my patient or another patient in the building, would my role just be calling for help or actually being involved in the code situation? Home Care Nurse Dear Donna replies: Dear Home Care...READ MORE »
How can an RN get experience in politics and lobbying? Are there related jobs available?
Question: Dear Donna, I am a BSN nurse who is intersted in politics and lobbying. How can I get experience in that field? Are there any related jobs available? Interested in Lobbying Dear Donna replies: Dear Interested in Lobbying, Start by joining your state chapter of the American Nurses Assocition (www.ana.org) if you are not already a member and get on the legislative committee. This is an excellent way to learn...READ MORE »
Nurses, Politics, Power
Years ago I attended a legislative day sponsored by my state chapter of the American Nurses Association. I sat in on a session of the house and met my local assemblyperson. I learned about state government and how bills are passed. I realized that day where the real power lies - in the legislature. I also realized that, asa nurse, I have the power to influence the process. Every nurse can and should learn the ABCs...READ MORE »
Can you provide examples of how to reply to situational or behavioral interview questions?
Question: Dear Donna, I am terrible at interviews. I always freeze up and my mind goes blank when I am asked, "Give me an example of a time when..."? I need help and some examples to spur ideas of how to answer these questions. Terrible at Interviews Dear Donna replies: Dear Terrible at Interviews, Most people are uncomfortable and nervous going on interviews, especially if they've never been trained in the art and...READ MORE »
Could you provide advice for a BSN nurse pursuing a career in informatics?
Question: Dear Donna, I have a BS and a BSN and want to go into nursing informatics. I will start a master's program in Information Technology/Systems this summer. Could you provide some advice for this career path? Wants to Get into Nursing Informatics Dear Donna replies: Dear Wants to Get into Nursing Informatics, You've chosen a hot field to pursue, with a growing number of opportunities for nurses. I recommend...READ MORE »
Does Nurse.com still offer a course in nursing case management?
Question: Dear Donna, After several years as a school nurse I would like to return to work as a nurse case manager. Do you still offer a course in nursing case management? If not, where would you suggest I find one? Wants to Return to Case Management Dear Donna replies: Dear Wants to Return to Case Management, Nurse.com still does offer a case management seminar and has one coming up in New Jersey on March 26...READ MORE »
Do you have advice on gaining acceptance to an MSN FNP program for an experienced nurse who has been rejected from all programs in her state?
Question: Dear Donna, Do you have advice on gaining acceptance to an MSN Family Nurse Practitioner program for a 53-year-old BSN with 32 years of continuous experience in critical care, home care, school nursing and staff nursing education? My completed applications are strong with great recommendations, high scores and excellent essays. I also make sure to fulfill all requirements and submit early. I am limited to...READ MORE »
What can an RN with more than 20 years at one facility do to find a new job after being laid off when her unit closes?
Question: Dear Donna. I have worked in the same labor and delivery unit for more 20 years. Now my hospital is closing it, and we will all be out of a job. Some of us can apply to work in other departments, but I think it's time for a change. I just don't know how to get started. Can you help? Just Got Laid Off Dear Donna replies: Dear Just Got Laid Off, With all the changes in healthcare these days, including where...READ MORE »
What can I do to help make changes to better the morale where I work?
Question: Dear Donna, I really like where I'm working, but I can see some of the nurses seem stressed out, are unwilling to help a fellow nurse or other co-workers, and there's a general lack of trust among the nurses. It makes me sad because I know it's a great facility, and I do like my boss. I also know all of this can hinder patient care. I want to learn what I can do to help make a change for the better. Any...READ MORE »
How should a nurse who wants to work her way to more responsibility act on the first day of a new job and beyond?
Question: Dear Donna I am writing to learn how to improve my career. I'm Spanish and one year ago I moved from my country to work in the UK as a CICU nurse. In Spain I worked as a nurse in the trauma and orthopedic wards, and then a mental health facility and a nursing home in France. I was overwhelmed at first because of not only my poor English, but also because I had to learn the ventilator and the Continuous...READ MORE »
Do you do individual career coaching or can you recommend someone who does career coaching for nurses?
Question: Dear Donna, I am looking for a career coach who will help me decide what area of nursing is best for me. I have been an RN for four years and need a change. I will be relocating and think this is a good time to evaluate what I want in a career. Do you do individual coaching, or do you know of anybody who could help? Getting Ready to Relocate Dear Donna replies: Dear Getting Ready to Relocate, Relocation is...READ MORE »
Would I be stupid to stay in my first nursing job, working in an ambulatory care setting for people with dementia and Alzheimer's?
Question: Dear Donna, I am a new ADN graduate nurse in the process of completing my BSN.It seems impossible to get a job as an ADN. After reading some of the previously answered questions, I've learned I should have been networking in the way you've described. I didn't know. I have a job offer (first and only) to work in a physician office of a major hospital with a focus on dementia and Alzheimer's. I will have the...READ MORE »