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What can a nurse desperate for a job change do if she cannot attend a Career Alternatives for Nurse seminar?
Question: Dear Donna, Dear Donna: I am not able to attend your Career Alternatives for Nurses seminar in New York City this month. Will you be offering it again anytime soon? I am desperate for a change. Desperate Dear Donna replies: Dear Desperate, Career Alternatives for Nurses seminar will be offered again on March 25, 2015, in Atlantic City, N.J. (http://www.nurse.com/events/ce-seminars). Be sure to register...READ MORE »
Does a nurse with an extensive job history over 30 years need to list all of the positions on a resume?
Question: Dear Donna, I've been in nursing for more than 30 years and have had many different positions during that time. Do I need to list all of them on resume? To do so would make my resume too long, but I'm not sure what to eliminate. Can you give me some guidelines or suggestions? Too Long Resume Dear Donna replies: Dear Too Long Resume, For nurses who have been in nursing for some time and had numerous jobs,...READ MORE »
What's the difference between a CV and a resume? Does an RN need a CV?
Question: Dear Donna, Someone I met at a networking event asked me to send them my CV. I thought CVs were mostly for college professors or nurse practitioners. I am neither. Honestly I am confused about what to do. Confused Dear Donna replies: Dear Confused, Curriculum Vitaes and resumes are two different types of documents. However, many people use the terms CV and resume interchangeably. CVs are longer more...READ MORE »
When an RN application asks for 3 professional references, do all have to be from an RN supervisor?
Question: Dear Donna, When an RN application asks for three professional references; do all three have to be from an RN supervisor or can one of them be from an LPN I used to supervise? I really don't feel comfortable giving the employers the addresses of my references. Is it OK to provide just the phone numbers. Needs References Dear Donna replies: Dear Needs References, When a prospective employer asks for...READ MORE »
What nursing jobs have less paperwork than hospice?
Question: Dear Donna, As an LVN in hospice, I am overwhelmed with documentation. What other jobs can an LVN do that don't require so much documentation? Honestly, I have been a nurse for 14 years and just this year have seriously considered getting out of nursing. Looking for Less Paperwork Dear Donna replies: Dear Looking for Less Paperwork, There is no need to leave nursing. Fortunately you have many options that...READ MORE »
Do you have any tips for a new nurse who is finding her first hospital job on a med/surg floor overwhelming?
Question: Dear Donna, I am a new nurse who was fortunate enough to find a hospital job right out of school. I work on a med/surg floor. I'm happy to have a job but finding it all very overwhelming. Do you have any advice to help a newbie like me? New Nurse Dear Donna replies: Dear New Nurse, It's not uncommon to feel overwhelmed in your first year or so in nursing, especially in a hospital position. Believe it or...READ MORE »
Is it still appropriate for a nurse to wear a suit to an interview or is that outdated these days?
Question: Dear Donna, I have an interview coming up and need some advice on what to wear. Is it still appropriate to wear a suit or is that outdated these days? I know styles have changed, but just don't know what proper attire is for interviews. Wants to Know What to Wear Dear Donna replies: Dear Wants to Know What to Wear, This is an important question because how you present yourself on an interview has a bigger...READ MORE »
Is a fairly new nurse with experience as a psych nurse qualified to work in other nursing areas or start his own business?
Question: Dear Donna, I've been a psych nurse for about two years. I don't really think psych or any other traditional nursing fields, including bedside nursing or just being a nurse who has to answer to other nurses in a higher position, is for me. I need to be in a position where I'm in control. I'm interested in getting into technology nursing, telenursing, coaching or even start my own business. I am a fairly...READ MORE »
How should a nursing supervisor of an assisted living facility respond to a medical emergency at an independent housing facility?
Question: Dear Donna: Many nursing homes and assisted living facilities also have independent housing on the same campus. In case of a medical emergency in the independent housing apartments, would the nursing supervisor be responding as a staff nurse or a bystander? I don't think the residents of the independent housing have an actual medical record with the facility. Sincerely, Staff Nurse vs. Bystander Dear Donna...READ MORE »
How should nurses handle requests for medical advice when using social media or chatting online in a private group?
Question: Dear Donna: I am a member of many nurse groups online and on Facebook. Many nurses ask opinions regarding what is wrong with them or their family members, or what treatments might help. I feel that answering these questions, without knowing the person or their medical history, is akin to practicing medicine and may put our licenses at risk. Is this true, or am I overreacting as others have pointed out?...READ MORE »
What should a nurse in the Philippines do if she already has a Master of Arts in nursing and wants to pursue a doctorate in the U.S.?
Question: Dear Donna, The importance of education is something I have valued and understood since childhood. I have a question about the complex process of student visa application in the United States. I believe my current situation will probably complicate things during the visa application process. I have a BSN and am on the verge of finishing a master of arts in nursing in early 2015 here in the Philippines. I...READ MORE »
How do I account for these years I have been out of work? How do I explain my situation?
Question: Dear Donna, I have been an RN, with a BSN for 23 years. I have worked in a variety of settings, the last job was working for an ASAP in the PCA program as a nursing supervisor. For the past three years I have been unable to work due to migraines related to a discectomy and fusion I had on my cervical spine in 2011. I also was diagnosed with Graves' disease, and for the last seven years have been unable to...READ MORE »
Should an RN working as a utilization management nurse feel undervalued because she cannot find work in a hospital?
Question: Dear Donna, I have 10 years med/surg/oncology experience and haven't worked as an RN in 10 years. I have tried to get back into nursing and it's been a nightmare. I took a refresher course and all it did was drain my wallet. I have applied at hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, home care, dialysis, you name it. One nursing home called and hired me and it's been the worst experience of my life. Being...READ MORE »
Are there specific certifications for nurses in coaching?
Question: I read an article in the Nurse.com about current trends in nursing. I am very interested in the nurse as a coach trend. I have my MSN, with a concentration in education. I have 42 years of continuous nursing experience with seven years working with children with developmental disabilities, with a focus on children with autism. I have also worked extensively with children 0-3 years of age and I am very...READ MORE »
I have been on six interviews, but have not been hired. What do you recommend?
Question: Dear Donna, I'm an associate degree-prepared RN with 25 years of experience. I have spent 21 years in home care. I have been on six interviews, with large and small insurance companies and for correctional managed care, school nurse and hospital admissions positions. I have been unable to get a new job. What do you recommend? Unable to get a job Dear Donna replies: Dear Unable to get a job, The fact that...READ MORE »