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Is it appropriate to drop off a resume to HR?
Question: Dear Donna, I am a new nurse trying to find a hospital job. Is it appropriate to drop off my resume to human resources? New Nurse Dear Donna replies: Dear New Nurse, It is generally not advisable to show up in-person at a hospital without an appointment. For starters, you may not be permitted to go to the human resources department without an appointment, depending on the facility, for security reasons....READ MORE »
Where can I find information about life care planning?
Question: Dear Donna, Where can I find information about life care planning? I'm looking for something different to do outside of the hospital and thought this might be interesting. Interest in Life Care Planning Dear Donna replies: Dear Interest in Life Care Planning, Your best source of information is the American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners (www.aanlcp.org/). Although certification is offered, it is...READ MORE »
If I can't do nursing because I'm burned out, what else can I do?
Question: Dear Donna, I am starting to feel burned out in my career. Honestly, I thought this was something that only happens to others. I never imagined it would happen to me. I never saw this coming and I am devastated. If I can't do nursing, what else can I do? Feeling Burned Out Dear Donna replies: Dear Feeling Burned Out, Don't panic. Burnout is caused by many possible factors, all of which can be cured. So...READ MORE »
Is Retirement an Ending or a New Beginning?
By Donna Cardillo, RN, MA Greta (not her real name) was preparing to retire from school nursing when she was 68. She had spent 30 years at the same job and had an additional 15 years of prior nursing experience. "Honestly I'm very sad to leave nursing behind," she said. "It is such a part of who I am. I'd love to keep my hand in. I'm a caregiver by nature. You can't just shut that off. But it's time for me to move...READ MORE »
How do I find a new job in a new state?
Question: Dear Donna, I've been in the field of substance abuse at the same place for 32 years. I have worked my way to a nurse administrator position. I hate it, and my duties are enough for five people. I am able to retire, but have no idea how to go about finding a new job in another state. Same Place for 32 Years Dear Donna replies: Dear Same Place for 32 Years. It sounds like it's time for a change. Start...READ MORE »
How can an RN with license stipulations get a job?
Question: Dear Donna, I am an experienced nurse with a stipulation on my license that started in 2007. I have been able to complete all BON requirements except the one year working with a RN doing indirect supervision. I completed six months and when a new CNO was hired, she called me in and told me to resign because she did not want nurses with stipulations on their license. I had worked 10 months but she came in...READ MORE »
How do I make a good impression after an interview?
Question: Dear Donna, Besides sending a thank you note, is there anything else I should do after an interview to leave a good impression? Wants to Leave a Good Impression Dear Donna replies: Dear Wants to Leave a Good Impression, Follow-up after an interview is just as important as the preparation and interview itself. Sending a typed thank you note is a must. But in this age of instant electronic communication, you...READ MORE »
What do I have to do to call myself a consultant?
Question: Dear Donna, What do I have to do to call myself a consultant? Do I need a business license or certification? I'm just not sure how to get started. Interested in Consulting Dear Donna replies: Dear Interested in Consulting, You don't mention what type of consulting you are interested in doing but technically speaking, anyone can call themselves a consultant. The word consultant simply describes the fact you...READ MORE »
How can a home care nurse check on crime in specific areas?
Question: Dear Donna, For my home care job, I have to go in very high crime areas alone in large apartment buildings. Are there any sources I can check by city to find out if any home healthcare workers encountered problems in certain areas? Most crime reports just reflect the general public and not healthcare workers. Home Care Nurse Dear Donna replies: Dear Home Care Nurse, Have you asked your home care agency if...READ MORE »
How does an RN publish a book?
Question: Dear Donna, I would like some practical advice on how to successfully publish my first book. Although I am multilingual and learning languages is a passion for me, English is my fifth language. I got the highest grades in my intensive writing courses and academic papers, but I think publication is a higher level requiring advanced skills. Wants to Publish a Book Dear Donna replies: Dear Wants to Publish a...READ MORE »
How can an RN find the right niche?
Question: Dear Donna, I was an LPN for three years and worked in long-term care. I went back to school for my RN and went straight into the ED. I loved it for the most part, but I didn't stay in that field. Then I went to a skilled nursing facility. I hated it because of the patient load. I went to work for a physician's office. I loved it, but didn't feel challenged. Then my husband and I decided to travel as...READ MORE »
How can I get a job at a hospital where everyone wants to work?
Question: Dear Donna, I love where I work but I am ready for a change. I am interested in a specific hospital that is very reputable, but I've heard it's very hard to get a job there. I've applied online to multiple positions but have not received any calls. I don't know anyone who works there. I am a good candidate. I just don't know what else I can do to get an interview. Ready for a Change Dear Donna replies:...READ MORE »
How do I answer any questions as to gaps in employment?
Question: Dear Donna, I am a disabled nurse who has not worked in five years. I want to start working as an adjunct educator. I received my MSN/Ed last year, but I have yet to work as an instructor. How do I answer any questions as to the gaps in employment without telling them I am disabled? I have had a few gaps due to several back surgeries. Disabled Nurse Dear Donna replies: Dear Disabled Nurse, You are not...READ MORE »
What resources are available to help me choose an FNP program?
Question: Dear Donna, I graduated with my BSN in December and would like to get my FNP. I have been an RN for seven years. I have researched various programs. What resources are available to help me make a sound decision on which FNP program I should choose? Want to be an FNP Dear Donna replies: Dear Want to be an FNP, What you should do is speak to other family nurse practitioners about the programs they attended...READ MORE »
Do you see my absence from nursing for a few years as an obstacle to getting a job in the future?
Question: Dear Donna, I have four years of experience as a mother/baby RN and credentials as a breast-feeding counselor. I left my position a year ago so I could stay home with my newborn. I miss nursing a lot, but have decided it's best to return when my daughter starts pre-school. My concern is I will be away from nursing too long, and employers won't want to hire me. Do you see my absence from nursing for a few...READ MORE »