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How can a nurse in Ethiopia get a scholarship for graduate school?
Question: Dear Donna, I am looking for a scholarship to upgrade my educational status. I am a nurse working in clinical attachment. I have bachelor's degree in nursing, where I am living in Ethiopia. It is difficult to further my nursing education. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get a scholarship? Wants to Further Education in Ethiopia Dear Donna replies: Dear Wants to Further Education in Ethiopia, There...READ MORE »
How can I get the management training I crave?
Question: Dear Donna, I am in my late 50s. I have an MSN. My work history includes CMS/state surveyor for 10 years, manager of quality and director of operations at a home care agency plus many years working in dialysis and critical care. I don't have solid management or performance improvement training, for example, Lean Six Sigma. My brief foray into management was a disaster as my vice president was not...READ MORE »
How can I access your "Career Alternatives" workshop material if I cannot attend it?
Question: Dear Donna, I saw that your "Career Alternatives for Nurses" workshop will be in New York City Oct. 23. Since I live on the other side of the country, I was wondering if I can access or purchase the information from the workshop? I am curious about job opportunities that allow me to use my nursing experience without being involved in patient care. Interested in Career Alternatives Dear Donna replies: Dear...READ MORE »
How do I market myself after not working as an RN for 6 years?
Question: Dear Donna, I just joined Nurse.com and did so after a time of grief and reorganization of my life. At first, I vowed to never return to nursing. I am ready to reenter the world of nursing. Little did I know that all of my skill would be used to care for my daughter and husband during their times of infirmity. My daughter has been moved to a group home so I no longer providing 24-hour care. My husband died...READ MORE »
What is the likelihood a former employer will rehire me?
Question: Dear Donna, What is the likelihood a former employer will rehire me if I have been away from the bedside for three years? I was taking care of a sick family member. Wants to Work for Previous Employer Dear Donna replies: Dear Wants to Work for Previous Employer, Although many hospitals are only hiring nurses with very recent experience, the fact that you previously worked there can potentially work in your...READ MORE »
Is there training available to do UAS assessments?
Question: Dear Donna, I am a retired RN with experience as a coordinator of care for a home care agency. I am interested in returning to work to do UAS assessments and want to know if there is any training available for this career change. I have experience with OASIS documentation and also have a CCM certification. Wants to Learn Assessments Dear Donna replies: Dear Wants to Learn Assessments, By UAS, I assume you...READ MORE »
Do you have any suggestions on how I can develop leadership skills?
Question: Dear Donna, I am interested in developing my leadership skills in the hopes of someday moving into a manager position and maybe even administration. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get started? Wants to Develop Leadership Skills Dear Donna replies: Dear Wants to Develop Leadership Skills, That is a noble goal and a very smart one. I have several suggestions for you. For starters, express your...READ MORE »
While presenting a seminar for nurses several years ago, one of the participants began to walk down the center aisle toward me during a break. I saw her head was down, her shoulders were slumped, and her facial expression, from what I could see of it, was strained. She began to speak, but her voice was barely audible to me. "I want to get into a particular specialty," she said. "Someone told me I need leadership...READ MORE »
Will getting a DNP ensure I am hired as a full-time teacher?
Question: Dear Donna, I have been teaching clinicals at two BSN programs in my state in pediatric fundamentals and community health, and working four days at a home care agency. I am in my early 50s. I have been thinking for three years about going to school for my DNP. I am hesitant because of the costs and time commitment. Is getting a DNP going to ensure I am hired as a full-time teacher? Considering a DNP Dear...READ MORE »
Is it OK to show up to a career fair in scrubs?
Question: Dear Donna, I'm planning to attend a career fair near the hospital where I work just to see what else is out there. I work the night shift and won't have time to go home and change and then come back to the event. Is it OK to show up in scrubs? I don't want my boss to see me changing and think I'm going on a job interview. Wondering What to Wear to a Career Fair Dear Donna replies: Dear Wondering What to...READ MORE »
Do I have to complete another 4-year bachelor's degree to be a nurse?
Question: Dear Donna, I have a bachelor's degree in business and am considering becoming a nurse. Is there any way to get a nursing degree without having to complete another four years? Interested in Going from Business to Nursing Dear Donna replies: Dear Interested in Going from Business to Nursing, Yes there is. You want to look for second-degree BSN or accelerated BSN programs. These programs are designed for...READ MORE »
What can I do to use acupuncture skills in nursing?
Question: Dear Donna, I graduated from nursing school in New York City with an associate's degree in 1994. I worked in community, ambulatory and home care for four years and then stopped working because of illness. When I was ready to return to work a year later, I couldn't find a nursing job so I moved into the nonprofit sector. I went back to school for a master's in acupuncture, and that's my current profession....READ MORE »
What professional association can a nursing student join?
Question: Dear Donna, I am a student nurse slated to graduate next year. Are there any nursing associations I can join now while still a student? I'd like to get a jump start on things. Student Who Wants to Join an Association Dear Donna replies: Dear Student Who Wants to Join an Association, Your thought process is a good one. Now is the time to get involved in professional nursing associations and make it a...READ MORE »
What are the work-from-home options for experienced RNs?
Question: Dear Donna, I attended your seminar "Career Alternatives for Nurses" a couple of years ago and it was very informative. I have my BSN and have 10 years medical surgical experience, nine in the hospital and one as an agency nurse. I have been out of work since October 2014 and have since had a baby. I am looking to return to work but would like to work from home. What are my options? Wants to Work From Home...READ MORE »
How do you go on interviews when you are working?
Question: Dear Donna, The last time that I was job searching I had no job at all so going on interviews was no problem, but how do you do interviews when you are working? I have a reputation for never calling in sick. How do I not raise attention when interviews are done Monday through Friday? Needs Time for an Interview Dear Donna replies: Dear Needs Time for an Interview, You have a few options. You can request a...READ MORE »