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Is a soon-to-be retired librarian, who is 65 years old, too old to go to nursing school?
Question: I am a healthy, active woman who will be 65 years old next month. I am retiring after 18 years as a librarian. I have thought about nursing since I was young but for many reasons did not pursue that career. I now have the opportunity to do so. I have found very little on the subject when searching online. Do you have any suggestions for resources that provide guidance, information or support for achieving...READ MORE »
How can a BSN grad get a job in case management if every job post requires case management experience?
Question: Dear Donna I want to get into case management. All jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area seem to require one to two years of experience. How can you get the experience if you need it to get hired? Someone suggested seeking an internship, but I'm not sure I can afford to work for free. I have a BSN and I'm currently enrolled in an online CM program through UC Riverside to be completed at end of spring term....READ MORE »
How does a BSN graduate in the Philippines who has not worked as an RN in 7 years find a job as a nurse?
Question: Dear Donna, I am a 2007 BSN graduate in the Philippines. I graduated with honors and worked as a private duty nurse for about six months post-graduate. Afterward, I was unable to get a job as nurse so I chose to undergo training in a military hospital for half a year and another training stint for one year in a government hospital. Due to monetary issues, I've worked in a business process outsourcing since...READ MORE »
How does an RN with a background in ophthalmology get a job in research?
Question: Dear Donna, I'm a charge nurse in ophthalmology and have an interest in working in research. Can you tell me where to start or how to go about applying for employment as a nurse researcher? Wants To Work In Research Dear Donna replies: Dear Wants To Work In Research, There are several different ways and places to work in research. If you work in a hospital that has a research department, simply let the...READ MORE »
How does one find a job as a wellness coach and holistic nurse if they are not advertised?
Question: Hi Donna, You picked as top hot roles in nursing positions such as wellness coach and holistic nurse. I am very interested in both of those areas, but there are no job offers for those titles. I have been checking in the Los Angeles area, and there is nothing. How do I go about to becoming employed as either? The jobs I've seen for wellness nurses are jobs in skilled nursing facilities. They have little to...READ MORE »
Would it be inappropriate to ask for a transfer to another department after six weeks of working in an OR because I miss patient interaction?
Question: Dear Donna, I switched jobs back from an ambulatory surgical center to a hospital OR. I thought what I wanted was more OR experience and after being there for six weeks, I'm not happy. It has nothing at all to do with the people I work with; they are all really great people. I have discovered what I desperately miss is patient interaction, discussing the patient's health history, using my assessment skills...READ MORE »
What should a nurse at a state-run facility do when tasked with crushing patient meds that should not be crushed and there is no doctor's order?
Question: Dear Donna, I work at a state run facility that has recently adopted a policy to crush gabapentin. The problem is the gabapentin is in a capsule. All literature I have read states not to crush or open the capsules. There is not a doctor's order to crush or open the capsule. What do I do? Looking for Medication Administration Advice Dear Donna replies: Dear Looking for Medication Administration Advice, This...READ MORE »
How can an experienced chemical dependency and detox RN find a job in her speciality after relocating to a new area?
Question: Dear Donna, I have experience working with chemical dependency and detox, from triage to discharge. I love the specialty, but I am new to this area of Florida. I am willing to commute 40 miles for work. How do I find a job in my specialty? Looking for Chemical Dependency Work Dear Donna replies: Dear Looking for Chemical Dependency Work, While Nurse.com does not provide job placement services, you will...READ MORE »
How can a nurse in Nigeria find a good nursing school and get a scholarship?
Question: Dear Donna, I am a Nigerian registered and a licensed nurse, with about three years working experience. Can you provide information on how I can find admission into a good school in the U.S. or elsewhere that offers a scholarship? I really want to further my education. Nigerian Nurse Dear Donna replies: Dear Nigerian Nurse, You don't mention what level of nursing education you are looking for (bachelors,...READ MORE »
How can an experienced nurse get a job in medical billing/coding?
Question: Dear Donna, I have been a RN for 19 years and I'm interested in working as a nurse in medical billing/coding as a document specialist. Do you have any suggestions of an online program? What is the process to become self-employed and to get started in this area of healthcare? Interested in Coding and Billing Dear Donna replies: Dear Interested in Coding and Billing, To learn what you need to know to work in...READ MORE »
Should a new nurse who feels unchallenged in new job take an offer to enter a residency program and work in the mother/baby unit?
Question: Dear Donna, I am a new nurse out of school for one year. I was able to find a job in public health after graduation but after being here for over six months, I feel I'm not learning much. I have now been offered an opportunity with a local hospital to enter a residency program and work in the mother/baby unit. I'm not sure this is the specialty I want to work in, and I feel torn about what to do. I'm...READ MORE »
Is it possible for an RN with extensive experience in adult ICU settings to move into ambulatory care?
Question: Dear Donna, I have been an RN for 14 years working solely at the bedside, mostly in the adult ICU setting. Since having children five years ago, I have worked 12 to 24 hours per week. My husband is in the Coast Guard and we move every two to four years. I have worked in seven different hospitals throughout my career. We moved to Florida back in July, and I am not currently working. My husband travels for...READ MORE »
What else can a new BSN graduate with nurse volunteer experience and an unpaid LTC internship do to find a job?
Question: Dear Donna, I am a new BSN. I earned my RN license in 2011, and wasted a year searching for job. Then I decided to pursue my BSN and graduated August 2014. While I was attending classes, I volunteered in hospitals, completed an unpaid internship in long-term-care and visiting nurse service. I continue to volunteer there. All I have got from them is recognition letters, but nothing that could lead to a...READ MORE »
Can you offer suggestions on how an ED nurse can deal with feelings of work-related frustration and burnout?
Question: Dear Donna, I have found that at times I am losing patience and compassion at my job. I work in a busy ER and feel overwhelmed more often than not. I love what I do in emergency medicine and have been in the field for over 20 years. Can you offer suggestions on how to deal with these feelings of frustration and burnout? Thank you, Dear Donna replies: Dear Burned Out, There are many possible reasons for...READ MORE »
Is it OK to notify my employer by e-mail that I am resigning from my job?
Question: Dear Donna, Is it OK to notify my employer by e-mail that I am resigning from my job? Ready to Resign Dear Donna replies: Ready to Resign, It is always ideal to resign in person or by telephone followed up by a written letter of resignation. If you can't reach someone by phone or in person in a timely way, then sending an e-mail will at least create initial notification. Hopefully the recipient of the...READ MORE »