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Management / Leadership News
Several years ago, Carondelet Health Network in Tucson, Ariz., was grappling with a serious problem -- a shortage of nurses. The average age of the staff nurses in the hospital was 45 - more than 25% were 55 and older. Leaders at the hospital decided a critical strategy for tackling the shortage was to focus on retaining their experienced or "mature" nurses who were 45 and older. Read more »
Nursing quality measures expand to cover additional units
By measuring staffing in EDs, perioperative services and perinatal service, hospital quality improvement teams can generate data relating to patient outcomes. Read more »
Study quantifies link between RN experience, length of stay
A one-year increase in the average tenure of RNs on a hospital unit was associated with a 1.3% decrease in length of stay, researchers reported. Read more »
Congress delays scheduled cuts in Medicare physician payments
President Obama subsequently signed the bill into law, thus delaying a 24% cut in payments until at least April 1, 2015. Payments instead will go up by 0.5%. Read more »
Report examines efforts to create better RN work environments
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation report details a series of programs designed by and for nurses that have improved work environments in the name of safety. Read more »
Report: Almost 10 million will gain insurance in 2014 under ACA
Projected totals for enrollment through the new insurance exchanges likely will not be available for several weeks because some people are eligible for an extension. Read more »
Changes to medication alerts in EMRs help patients, providers
Several changes were incorporated to medication alerts, including the use of concise language and a table-like format to help providers scan for information quickly. Read more »
Truven Health names top 100 hospitals based on performance
If all Medicare inpatients received the same level of care as those treated in the award-winning facilities, more than 165,000 additional lives could be saved. Read more »
Magnet hospital work environments linked to high care quality
Researchers found a clear correlation between positive work environments for nurses and nurse-reported quality of care. Read more »
Study: Hand sanitizer not always available in some facilities
About one in five U.S. health facilities don't make alcohol-based hand sanitizer available at every point of care, missing an opportunity to prevent HAIs. Read more »
Nurse staffing, education affect patient mortality in Europe
Patients are more likely to die after common surgical procedures when they are cared for in hospitals with heavier nurse workloads and fewer nurses with bachelor's degrees. Read more »

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