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Specialty Coordinator, Nurse Practitioner

Mount Sinai Medical Center
Mount Sinai Health System
Type Full time Posted 8/22/2014
Salary - n/a - Starts 10/24/2014
NY - New York (All) - New York Referral - n/a -    
Job Title:  Specialty Coordinator, Nurse Practitioner
Full/Part Time:  Full Time
Department:  852 - Pediatrics
Requisition Number:  NR14-1679542
Job Description: 




Title: Pediatric Heart Transplant & Fetal Heart Program Coordinator/Nurse Practitioner: Ped. Cardiology

Education: Masters in Nursing with a concentration in Pediatric or Family Nurse Practitioner program

Experience: Pediatrics, Pediatric Cardiology, and ICU 

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Work with Pediatric Heart Transplant doctor to provide care to patients who are being evaluated for, are waiting for or who have already received a heart transplant. This includes

-Assisting in the pre-transplant evaluation

-Listing eligible patients for heart transplant with UNOS

-Maintain pediatric heart transplantation flowsheets

-Review laboratory and special procedure results with pediatric heart

transplant (PHT) doctor

-Providing discharge teaching to PHT patients and their families

-Performing post-operative and routine physical exams on PHT


-Coordinating discharge planning of all PHT patients

-Providing teaching to all PHT patients and their families

-Provide prescriptions and prescription renewals as needed

-Perform procedures as needed i.e.-phlebotomy, line/suture removal etc

-Coordinate Heart Transplant Psychosocial Rounds


  1. Develop and maintain:

-Transplant discharge education booklet

-Transplant database


  1. Coordinate care of the pediatric heart transplant patient with other specialties including:

-Requesting consults from other specialties in collaboration with heart transplant doctor

-Scheduling special procedures including-catherizations, echocardiograms, sedated CT scans

-Communicating with Primary doctors and outlying hospitals


  1. Work with Transplant Coordinators to help maintain UNOS database.

  2. Research (PHTS database and PediMACS database maintenance)

  1. Maintain and update PHT protocols, including VAD protocols

  2. Fetal Heart Program Coordinator

-Maintain FHP database

-Coordinate monthly Ped. Cardiology FHP meetings, semi-annual FHP meetings –Oversee transfer of OB care of all non-MSH FHP patients

-Send weekly FHP updates


Secondary Responsibilities

  1. Monitor INR of patients who are receiving Coumadin and manage Coumadin dosage in collaboration with primary cardiologist

Job Qualifications: 


State Certification: Certified by the New York State Department of Education as a Nurse Practitioner as follows:


Is a graduate of New York State registered Nurse Practitioner Program or equivalent OR is certified as a Nurse Practitioner by a national association via examination.




Has completed a pharmacy component of not less than the required semester hours or the equivalent AND has been instructed in New York State and federal Laws relating to prescriptions and recordkeeping (3-hour course).




Has a collaborative practice agreement with a physician and designated protocols, both filed with the New York State Department of Education.




Master's degree program designed to prepare a registered nurse to provide acute/primary health care services or the successful completion of an approved supplemental education program, i.e., post-Masters NP certificate.


Professional certification by relevant professional organization preferred.



Clinical experience relevant to the area of clinical practice.



Ability to perform history taking.


Ability to perform physical assessment techniques.


Ability to interpret and apply principles of nursing research utilization and monitor and report on outcomes and trends


Ability to manage and coordinate a patient caseload within a specialized area of practice.


Work within a collaborative agreement/protocols with a physician and health care team in area of specialized practice


Physical stamina and manual dexterity to perform a variety of tasks and skills in area of assignment



1. RN

2. CNP