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Solve medical cases and save lives... all online

CrowdMed Type Contract Posted 8/19/2014
Salary Cash rewards correctly-diagnosed cases. Starts - n/a -
CA - California (All) - Online Referral - n/a -    

CrowdMed is looking for passionate, self-motivated nurses to help it solve some of the most difficult medical problems today.

CrowdMed, a startup based in San Francisco, empowers the “crowd” to investigate its users symptoms in order to diagnose rare illnesses that physicians often have trouble identifying.  We call our investigative crowd Medical Detectives, and we have seen incredible results from our system.

As our community of Medical Detectives has grown, we have found that nurses are invaluable contributors to our community.  Some have solved more cases than physicians and researchers.

CrowdMed offers the following incentives to our community of detectives:

  1. A flat hierarchy:  Success is not based on titles or degrees, but on the ability to solve cases.

  2. Recognition: Through our point system, our detectives prove their worth and become more and more “recognized” as voices to listen to.

  3. Advancement: Our most active and successful detectives work their way higher and higher in our system.

  4. Make money: Many of our patients offer cash rewards for successfully diagnosing their illnesses. As you grow in recognition and influence, your income will grow as well.

  5. The ability to truly make a difference: The patients that come to us have often been waiting months, or even years, to find a diagnosis.  They are frustrated and looking for help.  By contributing to our community, you will be providing a service that our patients will always be grateful for and for which they have nowhere else to turn.

Because of the internet-based nature of our system, your work will not be limited by place or time.  Wherever you are, and whenever you want, you can use our system to make a difference in patients’s lives.

If you’re looking to make a difference in the lives of others while also enjoying true recognition for your work, as well as making some side income, Crowdmed’s Medical Detective community might be the place for you.

And if you’d like to see how we’ve succeeded in the past, watch a video of one of our past patients explaining her experience with CrowdMed:



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