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Desert Regional Medical Center
Tenet Health
Type Full time Posted 8/3/2014
Salary - n/a - Starts 12/21/2014
CA - California (All) - Palm Springs Referral - n/a -    

May perform duties and tasks only under the direction and supervision of the supervising physician, and only within the scope of their licensure. Such duties include:
a          Taking a patient history, perform a physical examination and make an assessment and    diagnosis based on this information, and initiate, review and revise treatment and therapy    plans,
            and record and present data in a manner meaningful to the Supervising Physician.
b.          The Supervising Physician shall review, countersign, and date a minimum of 10% sample of
             medical records of patients treated by the Physician Assistant functioning under these
             protocols within 30 days.
c.         Order or transmit an order for x-ray, other studies, therapeutic diets, physical therapy,
            occupational therapy, respiratory therapy and nursing services as outlined in the
            delegation of services.
d.         Order, transmit an order for, perform, or assist in the performance of laboratory procedures,
            screening procedures, and therapeutic procedures as outlined in the delegation of
e.         Perform the following laboratory and screening procedures:
            1. Venipuncture;
            2. Obtain culture and sensitivity specimens from wounds;
            3. Obtain urinalysis specimens;
            4. Perform gram stains and hematocrits;
            5. Obtain blood cultures and arterial blood gases;
            6. Perform skin biopsies.
f.          Assist in the performance of the following laboratory screening procedures:
            1. Lumbar punctures;
            2. Diagnostic peritoneal lavage;
            3. Obtain joint aspirates.
g.         Perform the following therapeutic procedures:
            1. Reduction of simple fractures and dislocations;
            2. Application of splints and casts;
            3. Simple wound closures;
            4. Local anesthesia;
            5. Patient transport;
            6. Patient instruction related to orthopedic conditions;
            7. Initiate IVs;
            8. Aspirations;
            9. Simple debridement.
h.         Assist in the performance of the following therapeutic procedures;
            1. Assist with reduction of complex fractures and dislocations;
            2. First Assists with all surgical procedures not requiring a physician as a First assistant.
i.          Initiate arrangement for admissions, complete forms and charts pertinent
            to the patient's medical record, and provide services to patients requiring
            continuing care.
j.          Recognize and evaluate situations which call for immediate attention of
            physician, and institute when necessary, treatment procedures essential for
            the life of the patient.
k.         Instruct and counsel patients regarding matters pertaining to their physical and
            mental health.

1.         A Physician Assistant-Surgical Services shall provide proof of current licensure by the    Physician's Assistants Examining Committee of the California board of Medical Quality Assurance.
2.         A Physician Assistant-Surgical Services shall have a Supervisory Physician who:
            a.         Is a physician currently licensed by the State of California.
            b.         Has obtained approval from the Board of Medical Quality Assurance to supervise
                        a Physician's Assistant.
            c.         Is a current member in good standing of the Medical Staff of the Hospital and
                        practices regularly at the Hospital; and
            d.         The Supervising Physician has a written delegation of service agreement with the
                        Physician Assistant, and supplies a copy of the hospital Medical Staff Services
                        Department with the application which outlines those specific duties and tasks
                        which may be performed outside the Supervising Physician's personal presence
                        and control.
3.         The Supervising Physician shall establish the following in writing, together with any
            supporting documentation:
            a.         That the Supervising Physician accepts full responsibility for the performance of
                        all professional activities of the Physician Assistant.
            b.         That the Supervising Physician has obtained appropriate approval from the
                        Medical Board of California to supervise a Physician Assistant for the particular
                        type and scope of practice for which applied.
4.                  The Supervising Physician shall agree in writing that each applicant is required to have a current
            CPR and Advanced Cardiac Life Support certifications.         
Job : Surgical Services
Primary Location : CA-Palm Springs
Hospital/Facility : 694-Desert Regional Medical Center - Palm Springs, CA
Job Type : Full-time
Shift Type : 10 Hour Day