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Ambulatory Quality Nurse

Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center
Lourdes Health System
Type Full time Posted 6/27/2014
Salary - n/a - Starts 7/21/2014
NJ - New Jersey (All) - Haddon Heights Referral - n/a -    
Ambulatory Quality Nurse
Location:Haddon Heights, NJ
Requisition Number:802842
Job Details:
  • Bachelor Degree
  • The focus of the Ambulatory Quality Nurse (AQN) is  one of Population Management and using data to drive the delivery of proactive, coordinated care and services .The AQN will help to  guide the Care Team to increase the number of patients that receive preventative care and help to increase the quality metrics related tohigh risk PCMHclinical conditions or health payer initiatives.. The AQN will provide guidance to support the PCMH standards and seek to increase outcomes & improve the patient experience. Travel to practice sites.

    Education:BSN preferred.

    Licensure required: NJ RN License required.

    Responsibilities Include:

    1.   Collaborates with the provider & care team to improve quality  metrics for  Meaningful Use , CQM, & PSRS and /or payer or quality programs   

    2.   Utilizes the quality data & reports to drive the processes more efficiently( best practices )  and to help the practice / care team increase the number of pts who receive appropriate preventative and chronic condition care

    3.   Establish personal relationships with PCMH High Risk pts. to encourage Pt. empowerment utilizing self-management tools ,  adherence to goals and plan developed by the provider

    4.   Supports and mentors the Care team regarding  the use of evidence based guidelines  

    5.   Will conducts calls or face to face sessions with PCMH high risk pts related to abnormal labs, medication adherence, following the outlined pt. planned that was developed by the provider

    6.   Identifies & helps to eliminate barriers for the high risk patients

    7.   Identifies and reaches out to high Risk pt who have not visited the practice

    8.   Help provider develop a plan of care related to high utilizers of the ER or hospital 

    9.    Identifies and  provides educational tools  for the PCMH chronic condition & unhealthy behaviors

    10.  Conduction educational session with High risk pts and mentors staff to help with education

    11.   Utilizes data to drive the Preventative Care proactive initiatives

    12.  Helps to identify and mentors the team regarding the availability of Community resources  including those needed for behavioral health or end of life support

    13.  Empowers the Care team to help support PCMH standards and implement processes that are efficient and effective to improvement and support quality patient care

    14.  Utilizes Pt experience data  to help identify areas of opportunity for improvement

    15.  Manages the PI initiatives

    16.  Identifies policies for development and participates in the creation as assigned by VP

    17.  Maintains statistics, data & reports as needed for local and organizational initiatives 

    18.  Responsible for the PCMH application and survey tool ; mentors the team to ensure appropriately documentation is  maintained & established 

    19.  Attends meeting as assigned  

    20.  Manages and reports data to the VP of quality as requested