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Grimes St. Joseph Health Center
St. Joseph Health System
Type Full time Posted 5/29/2014
Salary - n/a - Starts 10/21/2014
TX - Texas (All) - Navasota Referral - n/a -    
Req. #:176
Facility:Grimes St. Joseph Health Center (Navasota)
Department:GSJ TOWER 4
Shift:Any Day of the Week
Hours:as needed
Job Details:
      • Under direct supervision of a licensed team member, responsible for assisting and providing effective and efficient means of providing patient's care. Supports organization's vision and mission. Utilizes knowledge of patient's age and cultural diversity in provisions of care.
      • Education
        • Required: High School Diploma
        • Preferred: None
      • Major
        • Required: None
        • Preferred: None
      • Experience
        • Required: None
        • Preferred: None
      • Skills
        • Required: AHA recognize CPR Certification, CPR, Computer related documentation
        • Preferred: Meditech experience
      • Licensure/Certifications
        • Required: Certified Nurse Aide
        • Preferred: None
        • Patient Care:
          • Follows plan of care as directed by licensed team member. Sets priorities and assures the completion of care for all assigned patient/residents/duties within shift. Delivers care promptly, accurately, and with compassion. Takes initial vital signs and other measurements as ordered. Answers call lights within a reasonable amount of time. Promptly and appropriately responds to patient and family request and needs. Report observation of changes in patient's status (e.g. level of consciousness, mobility status, comfort level or any unusual occurrences) to the licensed team member in a timely manner. Empties linen hampers and trash as needed Keeps patient/resident area clean and free of trash and clutter. Keeps linen appropriately stored or disposed. Removes equipment and supplies not in use. Cleans equipment and returns to appropriate location for storage. Assist in transporting patients to various departments when the need arises. Document relevant data to patient's medical record. Maintains confidentiality of patient's information.
        • Activities of Daily Living:
          • Feeding: Verifies diet order. Feeds or assists patient with feeding. Assist with fluid intake as directed by licensed team member. Bathing: Verifies activity restrictions in. Bathes or assist with bathing/shower as tolerated by patient. Provides personal hygiene as needed. Ambulating: Verifies activity restrictions. Supports patient in achieving maximum mobility by repositioning, range of motion, and assisting with ambulation. Skin care: Assist with maintaining skin integrity and reports all pressure areas/sores, redness, drainage and/or swelling promptly to licensed team member. Turn patient every two hours as ordered.
        • Customer relations:
          • Courteous, diplomatic and tactful at all times. Maintains an effective rapport with patients, visitors, physicians, co-workers and other team members. Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills appropriate to the age, type and developmental stage of patient. Treats all patients, visitors and team members fairly and with respect. Demonstrates effective listening skills to provide support for patient needs. Assist patients upon discharge.
        • Maturity and accountability:
          • Works collaboratively with other team members to provide continuous service to the organization. Demonstrates good judgment and analytical ability. Maintains calm and effective behavior during stressful situations. Appears well groomed and observes established dress guidelines, visibly wearing name identification badge. Demonstrates ability to express self in all areas of communication (verbal, written, non-verbal). Attentive to detail, record-keeping and required paperwork inherent to the position. Demonstrates knowledge of current computer systems used in the organization. Completes assignments accurately and on time. Willingly accepts assignments to special projects. Adheres to identified work schedule. Is punctual in attendance including meetings.Maintains assigned equipment, reports malfunction and orders services as necessary. Responsible for charging of supplies utilized. Participates in 90% continuing education programs and utilizes the information in area(s) of practice as evidenced by attendance records or certificates.
          • Participates 10 of monthly staff meetings as evidenced by attendance records. Participates in performance improvement activities, including data collection, development of indicators, and evaluation criteria. Floats to other areas as assigned; responds to floating requests with a positive attitude. Provides proper notification for absence as per hospital policy as evidenced by time and attendance records.
        • Supports and promotes Infection Control Program.
          • Demonstrates adherence to infection control policies as evidenced by in-service attendance records and employee practices.
          • Demonstrates correct hand washing techniques.
          • Demonstrates knowledge of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and uses it in practice.
          • Notifies the House Supervisor of real or potential exposures.
          • Demonstrates knowledge of OSHA regulations:
            • Complies with OSHA regulations regarding Blood borne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan.
            • Complies with OSHA regulations regarding TB Exposure Control Plan.
          • Demonstrates knowledge of Hazardous Waste Management Plan:
            • Appropriately segregates waste at the point of origin.
            • Discards hazardous waste in appropriate bags, receptacles, etc.
        • Time management:
          • Clocks in and out according to policy to ensure work is started and completed on time.
          • Obtains House Supervisor approval before working voluntary overtime shifts.
        • Competency: