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Registered Nurse Home Care-Maternal Child-Manhattan

North Shore-LIJ Health System Type Full time Posted 4/21/2014
Salary - n/a - Starts 10/18/2014
NY - New York (All) - Manhattan Referral - n/a -    
Registered Nurse Home Care-Maternal Child-Manhattan
·      Conducts patient interview, explains policies and procedures to patient/significant others, reviews patient’s chart and answers questions correctly and courteously;
·      Assesses gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal and neurological health status;
·      Determines mobility, sensory deficits, prostheses use, and skin condition and adjusts plan of care, as appropriate;
·      Assesses level of pain and pain management;
·      Communicates/documents patient’s physiologic health status and plan of care.
2.     Assesses patient’s psychosocial health status
·      Elicits perception of medical/nursing care and the expectation of care;
·      Determines coping mechanism, knowledge level, and ability to comprehend;
·      Identifies cultural/ethnic requirements to reduce anxiety and ensure patient satisfaction;
·      Communicates and documents psychological status and care plan; support group, counseling services, social services.
3.     Identifies patient outcome
·      Develops criteria for measurement of patient outcomes;
·      Identifies actual/potential patient problems;
·      Identifies patient’s need for teaching based on psychosocial and developmental assessment;
·      Develops patient outcome statement (s) and establishes individualized patent goals.
4.     Formulates the plan of care and establishes the priorities necessary to achieve expected outcome
·      Identifies care activities and establishes the priorities necessary to achieve expected outcome;
·      Coordinates the cost-effective use of supplies, equipment and medication to achieve expected outcome;
·      Documents the plan of care and collaborates with physicians and other health team members.
5.     Implements the plan of care
·      Maintains constant vigilance over patients care to ensure that safety precautions/needs are followed.  (Side rails up, call lights and bedside stand within reach, etc.);
·      Exercises professional skills related to the plan of care;
·      Reassesses patients as needed and appropriately revises plan of care;
·      Correctly administers prescribed treatments;
·      Correctly uses equipment necessary for patient care;
·      Provides emotional support to patient and significant other;
·      Applies scientific principles in performing procedures; carries them out safely, timely and efficiently;
·      Makes accurate observations of patient’s conditions during treatments/procedures.  Reports and records same as appropriate;
·      Keeps accurate documentation of patient’s treatment, activity and condition, as well as patient’s responses to medical and nursing interventions;
·      Uses appropriate methods of documentation according to departmental policy;
·      Acts rapidly and effectively during any emergency situation, managing self, patients and other employees;
·      Provides a calm, quiet, restful atmosphere.  Communicates effectively with the patient’s family or caretakers;
·      Participates in planning for discharge and coordinates referrals, as appropriate;
·      Provides discharge instructions to patient and significant other.
6.     Evaluates care provided for patient outcome
·      Demonstrates ability to measure effectiveness of care provided and documents same;
·      Performs variance analysis related to outcome data for performance improvement;
·      Designs, implements, and evaluates systems to improve care in  Unit;
·      Keeps accurate documentation of patient’s treatment, activity and condition;
·      Uses appropriate methods of documentation according to departmental policy.
7.     Collaborates with other care team members in planning and carrying out treatment regimen; provides direction to other members of the care team
·      Collaborates with the appropriate physician on patient’s plan of care;
·      Accurately interprets and implements treatment regimen as prescribed by the Physician;
·      Assists the Physician during treatments and/or diagnostic procedures;
·      Keeps the Patient Care Manager/designee and/or physician, abreast of changes in patient’s condition and/or treatments, as appropriate;
·      Uses clinical judgment in delegating assignments to the Patient Care Associate, Support Care Associate and Clerical Service Associate in providing patient care, and ensures that assignments are completed in a timely fashion.
8.     Performs grade I-IV Decubritus Care
·      Performs preventive skin care measures
·      Applies simple dressings, maintaining principles of aseptic technique;
·      Applies warm & cold compresses, consistent with facility procedure;
·      Performs irrigations, consistent with Facility procedure;
·      Performs other procedures related to skin care, as necessary.
9.     Administers medications correctly and safely
·      Correctly identifies medication: action; dosage; side effects and implications for the patient;
·      Meets standard on medication administration examination;
·      Demonstrates preparation of local solutions;
·      Administers and documents medication correctly;
·      Educates patients and significant others related to drug and food interactions.
10.  Participates in patient and family education
·      Provides the patient with an explanation of his/her condition as indicated;
·      Communicates assessment data in an orderly fashion by recording, updating and verbalizing pertinent information to care team members and to appropriate agencies;
·      Recognizes and utilizes health teaching opportunities and resources /materials available for this teaching;
·      Provides for early discharge planning and appropriate referrals for post-hospital care;
·      Evaluates the effectiveness of teaching by feedback from patient/family and documents same.
11.  Performs related duties, as required.

·          Graduate from an accredited School of Nursing.  Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, preferred.
·         Current license to practice as a Registered Professional Nurse in New York State.
·          Minimum one (1) year of experience as an RN in Medicine/Surgery.
·          Current Driver’s License and/or own transportation available to maintain caseload, schedules and travel to clients’ homes.

BCLS, ACLS, preferred. Evidence of teaching, leadership, and basic research skills. 

NICU background, preferred