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Critical Care News
Pain was elevated to the status of a vital sign more than a decade ago to raise awareness about the importance of pain assessment and management, yet critical care nurses face the reality every day that many patients still suffer from significant pain. Even more disturbing is that in many cases these critically ill patients cannot verbalize their pain. Read more »
Physical symptoms of depression often manifest after ICU stay
Depression affects more than 1 in 3 survivors of critical illness, according to a study, and the majority of patients experience their symptoms physically rather than emotionally. Read more »
Article emphasizes need for evidence-based practice in ICUs
The rationale behind common nursing interventions often is based solely on tradition and not research or other evidence-based practice guidelines, according to the article. Read more »
Study: ICU stays can lead to long-term physical impairments
Researchers found that for every day of bed rest in the ICU, muscle strength was between 3% and 11% lower over the following months and years. Read more »
Critical illness linked to higher chance of psychiatric diagnosis
Patients receiving mechanical ventilation had an increased risk of a new psychiatric diagnosis and medication use. Read more »
ICU practice bundle reduces delirium, ventilation time
Researchers tested the effectiveness and safety of implementing a bundled set of evidence-based practices into everyday practice in the ICU. Read more »
North Carolina nurses learn about, implement care innovations
Growing evidence documents the benefits, including a reduction in ventilator-associated pneumonia, of integrating early and progressive mobility into patient care protocols. Read more »
Critical care nurses call 5 routine practices into question
The effort supports Choosing Wisely, an initiative to spur conversations between patients and healthcare providers on which tests and procedures truly are necessary. Read more »
HAI prevention policies don't guarantee clinician adherence
Hospitals have more policies in place to prevent CLABSI and VAP than CAUTI, according to the survey results. Read more »
Staying on statins might stave off delirium in ICU patients
Continued use of statins may help prevent delirium in critically ill patients who received statins before hospital admission, British researchers reported. Read more »
Nurse-led initiatives improve outcomes, cut costs in Indiana
The initiatives measurably improved patient outcomes while demonstrating anticipated financial savings of more than $5.2 million. Read more »

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