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Donna Cardillo, RN, MA,'s career advice columnist and president of Cardillo & Associates, is a keynote speaker, entrepreneur and author of "Your First Year as a Nurse: Making the Transition from Total Novice to Successful Professional" and "The ULTIMATE Career Guide for Nurses: Practical Advice for Thriving at Every Stage of Your Career."

She brings more than 20 years of clinical, management and business experience to her role as career guru.
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Is it still appropriate for a nurse to wear a suit to an interview or is that outdated these days?
Date: Oct 16, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, I have an interview coming up and need some advice on what to wear. Is it stil..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Wants to Know What to Wear, This is an important question because how you present yourself on an interview has a bigger impact on the impression you make and your ultimate job... read more

Is a fairly new nurse with experience as a psych nurse qualified to work in other nursing areas or start his own business?
Date: Oct 15, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, I've been a psych nurse for about two years. I don't really think psych or any..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Modern Nurse, I can so relate to your situation. My first job out of nursing school was in psych even though others in nursing were telling me I could not start my career ther... read more

How should a nursing supervisor of an assisted living facility respond to a medical emergency at an independent housing facility?
Date: Oct 14, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna: Many nursing homes and assisted living facilities also have independent housin..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Staff Nurse vs. Bystander, The answer to this question is one you need to know if in fact you are a nurse working in that setting. And the answer depends on your state law and... read more

How should nurses handle requests for medical advice when using social media or chatting online in a private group?
Date: Oct 13, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna: I am a member of many nurse groups online and on Facebook. Many nurses ask opi..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Reluctant to Offer Opinions, I would say that it very much depends on the group and several other factors. For example, I write a public column here at Periodically... read more

What should a nurse in the Philippines do if she already has a Master of Arts in nursing and wants to pursue a doctorate in the U.S.?
Date: Oct 10, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, The importance of education is something I have valued and understood since ch..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Passionate About Education, You certainly have a well-thought out plan for your future education and career. Before enrolling in a MSN program in the U.S., contact the interna... read more

How do I account for these years I have been out of work? How do I explain my situation?
Date: Oct 9, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, I have been an RN, with a BSN for 23 years. I have worked in a variety of sett..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Needs to Get Back in the Nursing World! You don't mention what type of facilities you are applying to, but if it is primarily hospitals, that job market has changed. Most hosp... read more

Should an RN working as a utilization management nurse feel undervalued because she cannot find work in a hospital?
Date: Oct 9, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, I have 10 years med/surg/oncology experience and haven't worked as an RN in 10..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Feeling Undervalued, I hear your frustration, but I am glad you at least found a nursing job. And while a BSN has become standard for hiring in many hospitals, it is not as mu... read more

Are there specific certifications for nurses in coaching?
Date: Oct 7, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - I read an article in the about current trends in nursing. I am very interested i..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Interested in Nurse Coaching, You're probably referring to a recent article, "Nursing - A new paradigm," where I outline the direction that healthcare and nursing (www.nurse.c... read more

showing 65-72 of 80
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