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Donna Cardillo, RN, MA,'s career advice columnist and president of Cardillo & Associates, is a keynote speaker, entrepreneur and author of "Your First Year as a Nurse: Making the Transition from Total Novice to Successful Professional" and "The ULTIMATE Career Guide for Nurses: Practical Advice for Thriving at Every Stage of Your Career."

She brings more than 20 years of clinical, management and business experience to her role as career guru.
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How can a Jamaican nurse get a job or work permit to work in the U.S.?
Date: May 27, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, I'm a Jamaican nurse who is licensed to work in the U.S. How do I get a job or..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Jamaican Nurse, Because you already have your U.S. RN license, I suggest you contact the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services department for more information about gettin... read more

Can I get paid for caregiving services without jeopardizing my nursing license?
Date: May 26, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - I am a 61-year-old RN still working full time in a hospital. I have moved to a gated adult..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Interested In Community Caregiving, Not only can you do this but many nurses (and non-nurses) across the country already are doing this. It's a new specialty often referred to... read more

What should a school RN, with a bachelor's degree in health planning and administration, and an interest in overall health, do as a next step?
Date: May 23, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - Hi Donna, I hope you can help me in figuring out a path for myself. I am an RN, working as..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Torn Between Career Paths, Getting more education is a great thing to do and a wonderful way to stimulate your career and your life. Since you already have a BS and don't plan... read more

What kind of education is needed to be a school nurse?
Date: May 22, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, What kind of education is needed to be a school nurse? Prospective School Nurs..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Prospective School Nurse, No special or additional education is needed to get your first job as a school nurse. If you ever wanted to become a certified school nurse, then som... read more

How does an RN get a job with a probationary license?
Date: May 21, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, I was a victim of domestic violence and as I was walking away from my life, I ..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Ready to Get Back, For starters, nothing is impossible. The Legal Aid Society ( was started years ago for those who need legal help and support and do... read more

What can someone with an H4 visa do to find a job as a nurse in the U.S.?
Date: May 21, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - Hi Donna, I have been staying here for the past year while my husband is working here with..
Dear Donna replies- Dear H4 Visa Holder, When you say "I have been staying here," I'm assuming you mean in the U.S. New legislation is scheduled to be passed in the U.S. allowing more H4 visa holders ... read more

Will earning medical assistant certification help a new RN get a job in a doctor's office?
Date: May 19, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - Hi Donna, I'm a new RN with only a year's experience. I would like to be an office nurse w..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Wants to Work in an Office, While some medical offices employ few if any RNs, many larger practices employ quite a few. I recently was speaking to two new nurses, each with a ... read more

What can someone with no patient care experience do for relevant work in healthcare even if they don't have the money to get a BSN?
Date: May 16, 2014 | Dear Donna
Question - Dear Donna, I want to go back to school for nursing, but I am not ready financially. What ..
Dear Donna replies- Dear Nurse To Be, There are relevant things you can do to gain some wonderful experience and start getting a feel for the industry and the profession. Your best options probably wo... read more

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