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Nancy J. Brent, RN, MS, JD,'s legal information columnist, received her Juris Doctor from Loyola University Chicago School of Law and concentrates her solo law practice in health law and legal representation, consultation and education for healthcare professionals, school of nursing faculty and healthcare delivery facilities.

Brent has conducted many seminars on legal issues in nursing and healthcare delivery across the country and has published extensively in the area of law and nursing practice. She brings over 30 years of experience to her role of legal information columnist.

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How should a seasoned RN with an outstanding record handle allegations of not maintaining a home health agency's equipment?
Date: Mar 21, 2014 | Nancy Brent
Question - Dear Nancy, I had a supervisory position for three hours a week for a home health agency. ..
Nancy Brent replies- Dear Helene, It is unfortunate you have found yourself in this situation. However, you need to be proactive in defending yourself against the allegation(s) that was reported to th... read more

Does an RN need a medical order to collect a urine sample for a drug screening test?
Date: Mar 19, 2014 | Nancy Brent
Question - Do I need a medical order to collect a urine sample for screening a drug test? Ruby Nancy ..
Nancy Brent replies- Dear Ruby, Your question is difficult to respond to due to a lack of details, but some general comments can be made. Initially, an RN cannot order tests without a physician, an ad... read more

What can an RN do after losing his or her job when a patient falsely accuses him or her of abuse?
Date: Mar 17, 2014 | Nancy Brent
Question - Dear Nancy, I just had a patient falsely accuse me of saying something "abusive." The comp..
Nancy Brent replies- Dear Salina, You are in a difficult situation because there is little documentation about this patient's prior behavior. Morever, since you have been reported to a state agency (y... read more

Is it grounds for dismissal if an RN physically is unable to keep up with the stopwatch during a CPR refresher/recertification class?
Date: Mar 14, 2014 | Nancy Brent
Question - Dear Nancy, I was physically unable to keep up with the stopwatch when I took my CPR refre..
Nancy Brent replies- Dear Naomi, It is difficult to respond to your question without more details, but a few comments can be made. First, and foremost, is the importance of healthcare staff being comp... read more

What can a travel RN do to get details of 6 alleged work-related incidents about her work from a facility from which she was let go?
Date: Mar 12, 2014 | Nancy Brent
Question - Dear Nancy, I am a travel nurse who was on an assignment. After being asked to sign up for..
Nancy Brent replies- Dear Beth, The key to getting past these latest allegations from this particular assignment seems to be to get accurate information about the incidents you had at this assignment ... read more

How can a nutritional IV therapy RN know if he/she is practicing safely and in the best interest of patients?
Date: Mar 10, 2014 | Nancy Brent
Question - Dear Nancy, I have started working as a nutritional IV therapy RN as an independent contra..
Nancy Brent replies- Dear Melissa, Your independent contractor business sounds interesting and it also sounds like you are seeing many clients already. Insofar as how you have set up your practice, in... read more

Am I being asked to commit fraud or chart illegally on patients I never cared for as our facility attempts to update its new electronic system?
Date: Mar 7, 2014 | Nancy Brent
Question - Dear Nancy, Our small hospital recently acquired an electronic system and a terrible one a..
Nancy Brent replies- Dear Craig, The directive you received concerning medication reconciliation raises many legal questions concerning the documentation you are asked to do. How can you enter informa... read more

After two warnings, I have appealed to the grievance department. Should I wait for their decision or look for another job?
Date: Mar 5, 2014 | Nancy Brent
Question - Dear Nancy, I received a verbal warning for a medication error and a final warning for a m..
Nancy Brent replies- Dear Maxine, It is difficult to respond to your question since you did not include many details. However, it can be said that if you believed the final warning you received was un... read more

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