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Nancy J. Brent, RN, MS, JD,'s legal information columnist, received her Juris Doctor from Loyola University Chicago School of Law and concentrates her solo law practice in health law and legal representation, consultation and education for healthcare professionals, school of nursing faculty and healthcare delivery facilities.

Brent has conducted many seminars on legal issues in nursing and healthcare delivery across the country and has published extensively in the area of law and nursing practice. She brings over 30 years of experience to her role of legal information columnist.

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Is it worth fighting a termination I believe was unwarranted even though it occured six months ago?
Date: Sep 8, 2014 | Nancy Brent
Question - Dear Nancy, I had a medical problem that caused me to exhaust my light duty prior to havin..
Nancy Brent replies- Dear Kate, It is never a waste of time to obtain a consultation with a nurse attorney or other attorney in your state who works with employees to determine if you might have a leg... read more

What can a manager, HR or others in a hospital say to potential employers about a nurse who was fired from that facility?
Date: Sep 5, 2014 | Nancy Brent
Question - Dear Nancy, I am unemployed after being fired from my job at a community hospital where I ..
Nancy Brent replies- Dear Florence, Being terminated from a position is a humiliating experience and it is unfortunate this happened after you worked at the facility for so many years. It is difficult... read more

Should practical nursing students secure their own malpractice insurance while they are in school?
Date: Sep 3, 2014 | Nancy Brent
Question - Dear Nancy, Should practical nursing students secure their own malpractice insurance durin..
Nancy Brent replies- Dear Lee, All nursing students should secure their own professional liability insurance during the time they are students in their nursing education program. Students can be sued ... read more

Does an RN on a psych unit have any recourse if management ignores her concerns about being the only staff member on the unit?
Date: Sep 1, 2014 | Nancy Brent
Question - Dear Nancy, I work in a psychiatric hospital on a small unit where the patients are, for t..
Nancy Brent replies- Beverly, Having only one staff member staff on a psychiatric unit is not a wise idea for many reasons, one of which is the potential for unpredictable behavior, not only aggressiv... read more

How can I get a state board to remove a disciplinary action on my name from NURSYS?
Date: Aug 27, 2014 | Nancy Brent
Question - Dear Nancy, I was a nurse manager in 2004 at a facility where there was a drug addicted ph..
Nancy Brent replies- Dear Lois, You certainly have been through a lot with this incident that occurred in 2004 and is still haunting you. Unfortunately, once something is placed in a national database... read more

Is it legal for a nurse to take a hospitalized patient off of Diprivan for a few seconds to get their consent for treatment?
Date: Aug 25, 2014 | Nancy Brent
Question - Dear Nancy, My father was on Diprivan in the hospital. While I was speaking with the docto..
Nancy Brent replies- Dear Matty, Informed consent is an involved process and you might want to review some of the previous responses in this column dealing with informed consent. Your question centers... read more

Can a school nurse check a child's blood glucose if the child has not been diagnosed with diabetes?
Date: Aug 22, 2014 | Nancy Brent
Question - Dear Nancy, As a school nurse, can I check a child's blood glucose if the child has not be..
Nancy Brent replies- Dear Ruth, As a school nurse, if a child you are responsible for as the school nurse appears to be in a hypoglycemic state - and you can observe signs and symptoms - this is a pot... read more

I have to go before the board of nursing after resigning from my job when accused of stealing a patient's call bell. What's my next step?
Date: Aug 20, 2014 | Nancy Brent
Question - Dear Nancy, I have been a nurse for 20 years and have never had any problems. I resigned f..
Nancy Brent replies- Dear Eddy, It is assumed what you mean by you were accused of "taking the patient's call bell" from his bed is you removed it so the patient had no means to ring for help from the... read more

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