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In a surgical suite, age is more than a number; it is a factor that helps formulate processes from the perioperative stages to postop care. As the country’s 65 and older population steadily climbs, along with increased numbers of surgical interventions in this age group, so has the need to tailor surgical services to fit their specific needs. Read more »
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As they grow older, about 70 million baby boomers will test the mettle of the nation’s healthcare system — particularly its supply of primary care providers — like never before. Read more »
Psychiatric emergencies can be as serious as a medical condition, but in traditional EDs, mental health patients may wait for treatment. Specialized psychiatric EDs serve that population quickly and efficiently. Read more »
The typical healthcare organization’s administrative team often includes a nurse leader who has the ultimate decision-making power for nursing processes. Read more »
Parents usually dream of the day they can sit back and enjoy their grandchildren, not take the lead in raising them. Yet more often baby boomers find themselves as primary caregivers for their children’s offspring. Read more »
According to the “Twelve-Year Follow-Up of American Women’s Awareness of Cardiovascular Disease Risk and Barriers to Heart Health” conducted in 2009 by the American Heart Association, “awareness of CVD as the leading cause of death among women has... Read more »
Pain was elevated to the status of a vital sign more than a decade ago to raise awareness about the importance of pain assessment and management, yet critical care nurses face the reality every day that many patients still suffer from significant... Read more »
Several years ago, Carondelet Health Network in Tucson, Ariz., was grappling with a serious problem -- a shortage of nurses. The average age of the staff nurses in the hospital was 45 — more than 25% were 55 and older. Read more »
After the Boston Marathon bombings, Boston’s nurses implemented well-rehearsed disaster plans. In the days that followed, they found their plans helped save victims. But the nurses continue to fine-tune their disaster plans. Read more »